KEZAYYA- Decentralized File storage and sharing platform

Project Name: [Kezayya by Team HolyAustin Devs]

Project Track: [Web3]

Team Name: [Team HolyAustin Devs]

Team Member(s): [One team member @Holyaustin]

DevPost URL: [Kezayya | Devpost]

Project Goal: [Kezayya is a web3 project with the aim of helping users store files and share them in a user-friendly manner. It is a web3 version of google drive or dropbox on BitTorrent Chain(BTTC).]

Project Info: [

kezayya123.pdf (95.7 KB)

Project Website: []

Project Test Instructions: [To test this project, Follow the instructions below,

  1. open the URL on your browser

  2. Click on connect wallet to connect to the DApp.

  3. If login is successful, you will be redirected to the storage dashboard. If you are new, your dashboard will be empty but if you have uploaded files before, you will see a list of all your files stored.

  4. To store a new file, Click on Add File, File in the file name, select a file from your local directory and click on the Publish File button. Same for directory file addition.

  5. Click P2P Fileshare to experience the power of Peer to peer communication using Fluence.

  6. Click on Chat to chat with other users with their wallet addresses. Thanks to XMTP. Once chatting has commenced, you can share any file link on chat.

  7. Click on Analytics to get the analytics of your files stored.

  8. After you have stored several files, Click on your dashboard to view lists of files and get a shareable link you can send to friends, colleagues, etc.


Project Details: [This project was made using several technologies. The front end was designed using a server-side-rendering javascript tech known as NextJS. the latest version of Next was used because of how fast it was to build the project. IPFS / Filecoin’s NFT.Storage was used to store user’s files on their decentralized storage. Files can be stored individually and as a folder. When Files are stored on IPFS through NFT.Storage, It is retrieved and rendered on user’s dashboard whenever they are logged in. They can share these files to anyone through a sharing mechanism that is easy to copy out the sharing IPFS URL. Fluence was also employed for P2P File Sharing through their browser to browser Peer to peer communication technique. The whole world of Fluence was engaging as one browsed through several other case studies.]

Project Milestones: [ The following milestone was achieved during the hackathon

  1. The frontend design and development.

  2. The smart contract to hold the on-chain records for various files.

  3. Testing the smart contract and deploy to testnet.

  4. integrate the smart contract with the frontend.

  5. Add technologies like, Fluence, XMTP

Aside from the milestones fulfilled so far, the following will be expected in the coming months.

  1. Improve the UI / UX experience

  2. Integrate file encryption to the DApp to secure the user’s file from prying eyes.

  3. Improve the analytics with lots of visualizations and graphs.

  4. Add a subscription to the free tier currently used by users. The subscription will be for large file storage.



A promising Project, To the moon :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Thanks. Details have been updated.


Hola, un proyecto que promete, además me parece muy correcto la discrección al integrar archivos. Suerte


Why not using BTFS since you deploy on BTTC?

i have not deployed on BTTC, i want to deploy now but no test token. i don’t know how to get some test BTT token.

Do you have some BTT testnet token so i can use it to deploy to my contract. i have less than 20 hrs to complete this whole thing

ጤና ይስጥልኝ ፣ ሁሉም ግላዊነት የሰው መብት ነው ፣ ምንም እንኳን ይህ የተረሳ ቢሆንም ፣ ጥሩ ሀሳብ ይመስላል።

That’s the kind of the for this project as part of every good projects like this one thank

Smart contract finally deployed and project submitted.

Good idea
Promising features

I am happy to hear that the project is promising.

is Tronlink call integrated? The connect wallet button prompted me to connect to Metamask not tronlink.
However, this tron documentation, Adding assets to TronLink, will help in integrating Tronlink

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TronLink call was not implemented. The smart contract was deployed on BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) which was the reason Metamask was used. Thank you for testing out the project. Can I still integrate Tronlink with the project deployed on BTTC???

Love this project ,but does it have a delete option?

Yea that is right ,that is a nice observation there

Thanks for taking out time and looking up this project. I see this feature as part of our update that will be implemented in the future. Thanks