Lilies - Decentralized market for climate assets

Project Name: Lilies
Project Track: Eco-Friendly
Team Name: Lilies team
Team Member(s): 1
Dorahacks Project Link:

Lilies | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal:
Accelerate the net-zero transition by building climate asset markets that are accessible and transparent for everyone.

Project Info:
Lilies is a decentralized market for climate assets that makes it easy to claim, trade, and redeem energy attribute certificates (EACs).
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Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Go to the project website
  2. Connect with Tronlink Wallet
  3. Select Nile Testnet network
  4. Go to the Bridge tab and create a new NFT token
  5. Go to the Pools tab and deposit your NFT token to one of the reference pools
  6. In return, you will receive tokens of this pool
  7. On the buyer’s side, if you have some pool tokens, you can withdraw NFT from the reference pool
  8. And redeem the NFT in the Redeem tab

Project Details:

An Energy Attribute Certificate is a market-based instrument that represents the property rights of renewable electricity generation. At the moment, it is difficult to price and trade EAC. Energy is already the most capital-intensive industry, and this makes it difficult to finance clean energy production.

Lilies protocol creates liquid market prices for EACs by letting anyone bridge EACs on-chain and group them into asset pools.

User experience
Let’s describe the main user archetypes. The Generators who produce Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs), The Climate Actors who redeem EACs to reduce their scope-2 emissions, and Financial Intermediaries who participate in the market, but neither produce nor redeem EACs.

  • Generators. The interests of Generators center on having EAC prices that are transparent, fair, and actionable. With Lilies Generators can easily sell EACs at a transparent market price to confidently liquidate inventory with low overhead.

  • Climate Actors. Climate Actors buy and redeem EACs to show regulators and customers that they’re improving the impact of their operations on the climate. With Lilies Climate Actors can easily buy and retire EACs at a transparent market price to confidently meet their climate obligations with low overhead.

  • Financial Intermediaries. Financial Intermediaries buy, hold, and sell EACs to hedge balance-sheet risk, speculate on price movement, generate asset yield in DeFi protocols, and compose derivative DeFi assets.


  • Tron blockchain

  • Energy Attributes Tokens (TRC-1155 standard) that represents each Energy Attribute Certificate

  • Reference pools. Our reference pools combine EATs with shared properties into pools and use an TRC-20 token to represent fractional ownership of the assets in the pool.

  • Lilies tokens. TRC-20-compliant representation of energy attributes. All tokens have a nominal value of 1MWh energy attributes, and each reference pool uses a different token.

Smart Contract links:

Energy Attributes Tokens TRC-1155

Lilies Token Solar (LLSS) TRC-20

Solar Pool

Lilies Token Wind (LLSW) TRC-20

Wind Pool

Project Milestones:
March. Market analysis, project launch, website layout and testing of smart contracts.
April. Completion of writing smart contracts and publication of the MVP version.
May. Finish the front-end part of the project and Mainnet launch.
June. Testing the project with the first users and fixing bugs and errors.
July. Launch of additional reference pools and company registration to be able to register and redeem EACs.


You are welcome to HackaTRON s4
All the best


Good luck on your participation in the Tron hackathon S4


Bienvenido a este S4, les deseo suerte.

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you all the best

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Welcome to Season 4, goodluck on your journey

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Hi @incrediblesomething (great name) Welcome to S4!

I had a few questions in regards to the project Lillies:

  1. How do Climate Actors buy and retire EACs on your platform? Can you walk me through the process?
  2. How does Lilies protocol benefit Financial Intermediaries who buy, hold, and sell EACs?
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as a community, we need to support more eco-friendly projects. They are not just good for crypto also for environment. Best wishes to all of eco projects…

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Hello, thanks!

At the moment, the entire blockchain part of the platform has been implemented. The user enters the Redeem tab and selects one of the tokens he has purchased. In the pop-up window, the user enters information on behalf of whom he wants to retire this token and calls the function to burn this token on the contract, after which the token goes out of circulation. On the off-chain side, we plan to draw up legal documents and send them to government agencies.

Lilies create liquidity and an open market for EACs, so all financial intermediaries can earn directly on price speculation or use tokens in DeFi protocols because the price for them does not depend on the state of the crypto market and can be used as a reliable collateral. Therefore, at the moment I do not have any plans for additional motivation for financial intermediaries.

Thank you very much for your questions. I hope I was able to add some clarity with my answers.

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Welcome Lillies, just need a clarification on this, under the eco-friendly category some projects are using Renewable Energy Certificates REC but you have introduced a new term Energy Attribute Certificate EAC and this begs the question are there any differences between the REC and EAC??

Thank you and wishing you the best


I liked the name of the project :slight_smile:

I would like to know if there is a background story for the name.

Also what is the meaning of climate assets?


Hello, thank you!

A REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) is a type of Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC). Basically, this type of certificate is widely used in the US and Canada. Considering that Lilies plans to work as an international project, we use a broader name that is understandable in all countries of the world.


Thank you) Lilies are very beautiful flowers, one of my favorites. Flowers, like all plants, I associate with pure nature and ecology. And I also have a friend whose name is Lilia) Therefore, it didn’t take long to choose a name. Climate assets is a set of assets associated with the use of renewable energy sources.


Indeed a beautiful name!


Oh ok, thats great. So it might even be that the name my country calls it is EAC, and if i go and say i need REC, they might say they dont have that meanwhile its the same. Thanks for the clarification.

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I fully support any project towards renewable energy. I wish you all the best.