Miscanthus Finance - Expirable futures contracts. Bring derivative market to the TRON ecosystem

Project Name: Miscanthus Finance
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Miscanthus Finance
Team Member(s): 1- LordEvendim
DevPost URL: Miscanthus Finance | Devpost
Project Goal:

  • Bring a derivative market of expirable futures contracts to TRON
  • Allow users to hedge their risks using futures contracts
  • Give investors and speculators more investment opportunities

Project Info: [soon]
Project Website: https://miscanthus.finance
Project Test Instructions: Video presentation
Project Details:


Inspiration for this project was partially from requests I have seen of investors requesting a market for expirable futures contracts. The derivatives market is currently valued at $12.4 trillion. Miscanthus aims to bring that market to the blockchain and give investors the possibility to trade and write futures contracts directly on the TRON network. Each contract will be represented as an NFT, which gives more flexibility to the investors. Moreover, this feature will allow users to sell, auction, or giveaway their not-expired contracts.


  • lack of markets for trading expirable futures
  • locking liquidity when buying a futures contract


  • create a market for expirable futures contracts
  • represent every contract as an NFT
  • allow users to transfer, view and manage their contracts

Miscanthus Finance is a decentralized market for expirable futures contracts. Users can either write or buy listed contracts. Each contract is represented as an NFT so it can be further transferred, auctioned, or even used in a giveaway. This feature might be handy for investors who locked their liquidity by buying a contract but are now in the urge to get their funds back. In that case, they can utilize the contract’s flexibility and auction it before it expires.
The project also has a feature to display and manage all active positions. From the dashboard, investors can settle, manage and cancel their contracts.

Expirable futures mechanism

Project Milestones:

  • Start with the market for expirable futures contracts
  • Improve Station Bids to let users sell their positions represented as NFTs
  • Collect and implement feedback received from the community
  • Create markets for more derivative assets options, perpetual futures, straddle options, etc.

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I love :two_hearts: the write up


Thanks, I will upload the illustrations soon, that should help people better understand the project :wink:


Tron will definitely excel with this


Hopefully :slight_smile: In case you want to check out how it works, I’ve just uploaded a new illustration that should help everyone understand the mechanism behind futures contracts :sunny:

gm, did some improvements on the write-up. Go check it out :wink:

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for sure interesting !

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Tron will definitely excel with this… Keep it up…

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If anyone is interested in dropping some feedback or suggestions, I encourage everyone to join our Discord server :wink:

These inspiration and solutions are so good

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Thank you :slight_smile: That was to main goal of this project!

I am amazed by the level of hardwork and creativity put into this project ,can u brief me on how u want to create a market for expirable future contracts?

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Thanks for that kind words. It will all be achieved by utilizing smart contracts. Users can use a frontend to interact with smart contracts easily. All important logic will be automatically calculated on-chain, so you don’t have to worry about that :wink:

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