Navigating the TRON Network's Energy Landscape

The Dynamic Energy Model is a new scheme proposed by the community to improve the allocation of energy resources on the TRON network. It aims to dynamically adjust the future energy consumption of contracts based on their known energy usage, in order to prevent excessive concentration of network resources on a few contracts. As a developer, it’s important for you to understand how this model works and how it may affect your dApps.

  • The model uses a variable called *energy_factor* which can increase or decrease depending on the basic energy consumption of a contract.

  • This affects the energy consumption of transactions that call a contract, with higher *energy_factor* resulting in higher energy consumption.

  • The dynamic energy model also introduces three network parameters that can be modified through voting: threshold, *increase_factor*, and *max_factor*.

The goal of the model is to increase the cost of low-value transactions and to balance the development of the ecosystem.

For additional research please see links below:

Dynamic Energy Model

Adaptation Tutorial

Let’s work together to ensure that our dApps are ready for this change and that we can make the most out of the new opportunities it brings.

Please share your thoughts and questions, and let’s engage in an open and productive conversation in the forum post below:


Interesting :thinking: , cost of low value transactions is what will pleases everyone and also benefits the ecosystem :fire:


Nice write up @EMerchant interested to see how this is used by projects within the Tron ecosystem