NRG Wallet Beta

We would like to invite everyone who’s interested in beta testing the NRG Wallet to join this telegram group to bring feedback and receive updates. Only android version available at this time!


I’m not on Android so can’t help but congrats for reaching BETA stage. Keep working hard :muscle: while @TMMS is drinking cocktails in Istanbul with Hunter :smiley:


Representative of Android Users, Kudos to NRG for its testing.

Kudos to NRG

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Like @Prince-Onscolo will advise. Browse round.
Here are my observations

Good to browse around NRG WALLET testing

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Congratulations, I am waiting for IOS

Keep building

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Glad to be testing this great wallet with other users. Congrats on this Beta stage :clap:

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I thought all they got in turkey is vodka, jk :nerd_face:

Waiting for the iOS version. In the meantime, your team is on fire. Always ready to deliver