Nueva interfaz de tronlink

Buenos días a todos.

Ayer @gordian remarcó el cambio de algunos apartados en el foro.
Hoy al usar mi billetera Tronlink, me he dado cuenta que también ha sufrido un cambio en la interfaz.

En mi opinión, se presenta con unos colores suaves pero a la vez llamativos, con una experiencia de usuario sencilla y práctica, es un avance para nuevos usuarios que pretendan usarla.

Me gustaría dierais vuestro parecer.


For the forum?
It’s a great one with advanced user experience, especially having all the post under “everything” where users can easily navigate to read the trend they wish.

And for the Tronlink?
I have been having the notification for the update but I haven’t tried it yet. I think I now have to update my App to experience the new things that was added.

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I just updated my Tron link wallet… look cool

For our Tron Dao forum.
Just observations from the mobile view

I feel the #Birthday and #Anniversary are the same and can be replaced with one

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Ok bro, there is a little correction you have to make in the topic (TronLink) thank

Just noticed some changes and I am going through to know all the changes on the forum.

With TronLink I love it
Just saw some security quiz, this will remind users always to take their security precautions serious

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The anniversary you see here is not the same as birthday. Birthday is the date of births of users and anniversary is the day you joined the forum. So that take care of 1st anniversary and others of the day a user joined.

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Alright thanks for clarification.
I thought From either birthday or anniversary.
It can be navigated EASILY ( from mobile view )

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I think this is for the last update… or is this the update @antonio was talking about?

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I may not notice any changes :person_facepalming:, I don’t regularly visit Tronlink as I visit Klever wallet

Deberías notarlo, lo primero en la interfaz.

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