POCP - The Proof of Course Completion Protocol 🎓

POCP - Proof of Course Completion Protocol

:dizzy: Inspiration:

When Alex (one of the team members) moved to Mexico from Russia and applied to a Master’s Degree program at one of the universities in Mexico he had to make a long and costly process of credits/Bachelor degree Diploma validation in his native country to be able to be accepted to the program. Since this moment he started thinking about a robust solution that can help millions of foreign students save time and money at the moment of applying to the universities overseas.

:gear: What it does

By using POCP professors can issue digital certificates, minted in recognition of successful course completion. By minting these certificates to the blockchain, students can easily share the information about completed courses with their friends, employers and universities.

:computer: How we built it:

We built a app to record your courses with a tron network contract with NFT in TRC721 something like POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) but we called it POCP (Proof of Course Completion Protocol)

:ocean: Challenges we ran into:

The contracts in the Tron network was some different to the ethereum network in the context of tools but finally we understood hows its works, and in the future we want to finish the contracts in production

:medal_military: Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

We create a contract for NFTs with TRC721 and understood the power and diferentes with the TRC20, we finish the architecture of backend with a solid data base to following with the project and launch soon, we learned too about .trx name service to complement us product

:chess_pawn: What we learned:

We learned some specials points of smart contracts with the tron network, some important benefits that we don’t knew before about of the network, too we learned about of architecture of POAP application with this we will finish our project fro launch to public

:rocket: What’s next for POCP - The Proof of Course Completion Protocol:

We think about POCP as a robust platform that will help millions of foreign students save time and money at the moment of applying to the universities overseas.

Right now, we offer to issue POCP only to professors and it’s a part of our growth strategy (land and expand). Professors (by issuing POCPs) and students (by sharing obtained POCPs on social media platforms and by showing them to employers and universities) will act as our ambassadors and will create a natural need for the universities to join the trend of POCPs and start accepting them as validators of courses/programs completion.

In the future POCP will transform into a platform where universities will register their professors (and courses given by each one of them) and will create alliances with other universities by choosing compatible credits/programs/diplomas so foreign students no longer will need to go through the long and expensive process of credits/courses/diploma validation.
All the universities, professors and students will need to create a .trx domain to be able to form a part of the POCP platform.

By leveraging information about professors and courses filled up by verified universities, POCP will become the first fully trustful and transparent platform for reviewing and rating professors and their courses. At the POCP platform only students who received a POCP will be able to rate and review.

Contract Address :
Shasta testnet:


I like this idea. I’m confident a lot of students will find this helpful. The website link didn’t display as a url.


Smart use of the trc-721 standard to facilitate international students but also workers life and simplify those administrative processes we all hate.
Not like those monkeys jpegs @Simon hates so much :joy:
Good luck spreading the word about nft’s in the academic world :+1:


This is a nice concept and it has a valid use case too. With this in hand the cost of mailing documents from the university you attended and all the risk involved in traveling around to make payments to see these things are done are quite stressful and tedious, with this one can finally be at peace.

Wishing you the best of luck in this hackaTRON


Smart use of NFT.

But last season there was a project named CertiFi and this has a lot of resemblance.

I wish you connect with them to learn from their experience and could built better then them.

Best luck.


@fabsltsa I want a ban on Monkey head Jpegs :joy: they are the worse use case for NFT, projects like this as you say are showing people how they should be used :raised_hands:


Very good ideas… Students will soon get to work. Kudos

Hola, bien pensado ya que evitaría costos personales y daría rapidez y seguridad a la información que fuera enviada. Suerte