Polygon multiple transactions issue

Transactions sometimes remain pending for an extended period on the Polygon Mainnet. I’ve discovered a workaround by setting maxPriorityFeePerGas but I’m curious as to why this issue occurs. :sweat_smile:
So I would be grateful for any explanations or ideas!


It is quite a simple the explanation although this forum is not about polygon but any EVM chain would act similar(BTT network for example).

When you send a transaction to a node/blockchain the most expensive transaction would be included first is a block meaning if you pay more you get the first row or in this case, the transaction gets included in the block meaning the transaction is executed fast.


omgg i accidentally put it to other topic :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the answer! Though I understand this and didn’t mean exactly that but I’ve found this discussion which helped me with my problem. Maybe someone else finds it helpful