Project Engagement and Determination Prize Category

There are two (2) newly added prize category in the Hackathon that I think needs pretty much a broader understanding cause I personally didn’t get it at first instance.

Project Engagement Prize:
This is a category exclusively for projects that had great engagement with the TRON community on socials and TRON DAO Forum that have yet to receive a prize. This means projects that were active and involved with the TRON community on social media and the TRON DAO Forum, but they haven’t won any prizes or awards yet. In other words, they were active and popular, but they haven’t been rewarded for their efforts.

Determination Prize:
Simply put, this is mainly for projects that have yet to receive any prizes. This means projects that haven’t won any awards or rewards.

This is applicable to projects that have not made it through the pre-selection round, meaning that you can only win prizes if your project hasn’t been chosen in an earlier selection process.

The project needs to be fully operational and functioning on TRON or BitTorrent Chain’s main network by November 30. It should also have received positive feedback from the community. If it meets these conditions, it’s eligible for prizes.


Good, you made it look better explained, project owners who didn’t make it to preselection or voting stage should take a look at this.

Keep building, keep connecting… All good


That’s a good idea for teams really going the extra mile, but unfortunately not making the cut.


It’s nice to see there are new prizes to motivate the teams and people to attend participate and study on their projects I’m happy for the community


This is the main reason we tell those who didn’t qualify to stop talking negatively and channel their energy into finding ways to get this reward. Not all those who qualified for voting might win something but those who didn’t qualify and very determined can win something.

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Absolutely, this is the like the needed sauce to boost engagement and participation as hackathon progresses and to encourage project owners to keep keeping on.

Exactly bro, this is particularly where serious devs with good projects backed by community comes to play.


Its good here that there are prizes for the projects and teams who wont be able to go forward to keep them motivated.


Its good to see there are multiple prizes. This shall encourage the participating community. :smiley:


Thanks buddy for the explanation.

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