SECURITY TIPS 2 (Address Poisoning)

Good morning, good day, good evening everyone. I believe we are fine today too :pray:.

Let’s educate ourselves once more. It hurts to see one get scammed so I always do my best to let people stay alert always.

There is another scam called “Address Poisoning” This is not the first time I am posting this. After you send or receive a coin or token, the scammer sends a $0 token txn, transactions which involve tron, they normally send 0.00005 trx poisoning the transaction history.

They use an address with the same first & last few characters as the real transaction you sent; in hopes you will not check the full address, and instead copy theirs in a future transactions.

What to do:

  1. Double check copied addresses from transaction history.

  2. Make sure you use the address book in your wallet. you can save all the addresses of your other wallets, exchange wallet address and friends addresses.

  3. Do not only use the first and last few words to check if you are sending crypto to the right address.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Tell a friend to tell friend. Let’s protect ourselves from these scammers. :pray:


Hola, gracias por sus consejos, yo sigo sus clases.

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Thank you for this great security tips


Thank you brother, enjoy your day


You are most welcome bro

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Hey @Prince-Onscolo thanks for mentioning as we have posted this out a few time in the telegram channels, scammers always seem to find new ways to get to our funds.

Strange thing is they are so imaginative they could just get a job? or create a project :joy:


You are welcome bro, hahaha that’s what they do 24/7 and you will be surprised they get people always too

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