Seeking Information about TronDao Grants and Ecosystem Fund for $1.11 Billion

Hello everyone,

I am looking for information about the TronDao ecosystem fund and potential grants for our STRX.FINANCE project. As a liquid staking protocol on the Tron Blockchain, we are looking for ways to boost liquidity and attract new users.

We are interested in potential developer/marketing funds from TronDao to help with our marketing efforts. Additionally, I was wondering if anyone on this forum has already received grants from TronDao and if they would be available for a quick chat to share their experiences.

I also have a few questions about the TronDao ecosystem fund itself. I understand that the fund has $1,111,111,111 allocated for the next 10 years, which means they should be spending around $8-10 million per month on average for the Tron ecosystem. Can anyone provide more information on where these funds are being spent and if there is a list of projects that have received support from TronDao?

Thank you in advance for any insights or advice you can provide.


You can find all the info about the current grants and funding here