September In Crypto

The week in CRYPTO saw @Prince-Onscolo getting featured in Token 2049 UAE, congrats on that bro and me actively checking my blood pressure ever since Andreas Katrud had all of us in a chokehold since TronChain.
Stay safe, do random blood checks and have a great week ahead!


Thank you big man, it was in Singapore rather. Next year’s token2049 will be in UAE.

And thanks for reminding us on blood pressure, I don’t remember when I checked mine. I have to start


Yayy :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:! Congratulations my man @Prince-Onscolo . Its nice to see you on big screen :grin:


Big win for @Prince-Onscolo setting the pace.
Next big Tron influencer is me o.

@manfred_jr I have comot thinking crypto can take your BP to massive pump


TronChain- ‘Stay Safe’


You’re welcome bro, health is the real wealth irregardless.

I off my hats and take a bow for @Gordian, the next Tron influencer :partying_face:


Sure, very soon I will head to Ghana to collect
Tron influencer blessings from @Prince-Onscolo .

Stay tuned


@saadabban76 @Gordian thank you brothers.
This is the second time appearing on international crypto events’ screen but this one is the biggest. The first one was from Klever last year. I am glad my works are always recognized.

This is to encourage the people around me to do their best. My secret is, I don’t force myself to do what I can’t. I don’t try to copy anyone.

I do the little I can and I don’t know what is behind me, people around me with good heart akwags appreciate the things I know it’s nothing big.

One thing I will add is, try and be different… don’t let money be your focus.

People see me as a rich person but I am not, I am rich in heart. I put the little I have in the things I do without asking. I do free outreach (personal) for klever and tron, print stickers and other things with my own funds, sometimes sponsor food and drinks for the people I meet (all because I love what I do)… I feel good when someone says I got here because of Prince and I am glad I have inspired a lot of people especially on Twitter.

It’s by Grace too, maybe I should be the last here in terms of knowledge haha lol

Just joking, my only disadvantage is shyness.


Congratulations, I’m happy for you.
2x Big even Appearance
I’m already encourage from your crypto doings.
I’m following this your pathway.

Greatest Richness no pass this one.

Thanks for all you do for this community


I’d be there officiating during the entire event, problem is I don’t know how to speak Twi that much.


More blessings brother, I am waiting for you in Ghana :grinning: Africa Bitcoin Conference is happening live in Ghana again this year.

Maybe you can pass by

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Oh well, I’d be there if I get sponsorship, would Tron Africa be represented in the summit?

Can’t tell bro, same if I get sponsorship I will rep


I don’t know if I have to put it in an article @Prince-Onscolo doings is very exceptional
He is very loyal to the core not minding your age or financial status, he is always contented with the little bucks before I forget this young man is an evangelist


Ladies and gentlemen please give it standing ovation to our one and only

Prince of Ghana
Prince of Tron
Prince of Tron Dao
Prince of klever
Prince of Chief Crypto Security Officer

Let me hold it here, and drink some water.
Thank you


hahahaha you eer
but you have done well ooh
You have been supportive since.

And you are the only person from the people I introduced them to TuruGlobal and through that we got them here that remembers that and show how grateful you are…

I must say this, it’s a fact… It’s only one African (TuruGlobal African OGS) I did not introduce TuruGlobal to and through this we got them here and I was the one who showed them how the forum works. So you could see, I registered on 22nd of Feb, 2022 and most Africans here, registered after that date. I got them registered through TuruGlobal (Season 1 Hackatron). I have done well :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: please I like staying low key, doing my doings low key…

Projects teams will always blow my trumpet
Insha Allah :palms_up_together:

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Hold on let me make a design for you.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: I hear, good night bro