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Wow, this is a great development. You have done well, keep it up and keep building

Congratulations :clap::clap: wishing you all the best :handshake:

Te felicito, es maravilloso el trabajo que estas haciendo, sigue adelante.

This is a mockup of what could be made possible with Sorrel when there’s resources and local demand for such:

Merchant Buttons for shops, subscriptions and other types of recurring payments.

Custom vaults that could possibly be part of the Shared Resources Network (SRN) mentioned in previous posts. For instance, if there were NRG or ERG Vaults existing, those holders could stake their tokens there and those vaults would use a portion of their TRX rewards to rent energy to Sorrel and earn stablecoins for facilitating energy free txns. This could be a potentially innovative way of “selling” TRX at a “higher” market price via energy+bandwidth - if there’s alot of transactions happening.

View mockup here -


Nice one, keep up the building :handshake:

Hola, me parece muy interesante, sería perfecto poder acoger comercios y realizar pagos mediante tu aplicación, la perspectiva que estás tomando se acerca a mi manera de ver una aplicación de implantación de uso en la vida real.

En cuanto a la bóveda es un caso a estudiar por ser una buena opción.

Me gusta lo que estás creando, sigue adelante. Más tarde revisaré la maqueta, gracias.

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keep building

Wow, i am loving the idea. Thats really a great innovative way to bring in more users.

while we await for the prize funds to arrive, I’ve added our Sorrel core contract ( bankDepository.sol) to the AIA Team framework I’m doing R&D on as a test. I’m currently using ChatGPT3 within the framework.

This addition has enabled us to AI prompt and generate to deploy on Nile testnet, a simple batchTransferComptroller.sol contract.

This enables stablecoin transfers from one to many Sorrel members in a single transaction. This could be useful for paying teams, bills, etc multi-party scenarios.

In the testnet txn below, amounts of gTTD were transferred from 1 member to 20 members:

Dividing the total Tron resource cost by the 20 members we get:

  • Total cost onchain: 1,724 Bandwidth + 700,667 Energy
  • Per recipient cost onchain: ~86 Bandwidth + ~35,034 Energy

A single batch recipient via Sorrel on Tron cost ~$1.14 worth of TRX burned
If energy is rented from the cheapest provider around so far, this reduces to about ~$0.42c per batch recipient.


Gracias por el detalle de la información.

Now, if we do another batch transfer to 40 members in a single transaction on Nile testnet:

  • Total cost onchain: 3,004 Bandwidth + 1,400,330 Energy
  • Per recipient cost onchain: ~75 Bandwidth + ~35,009 Energy

To 120 member recipients:

  • Total cost onchain: 8,124 Bandwidth + 4,198,998 Energy
  • Per recipient cost onchain: ~68 Bandwidth + ~34,992 Energy

If rented via the cheapest energy provider + incl the cost of burning ~9 TRX for bandwidth, the onchain cost comes to about ~$0.31c per recipient or ~$37 worth of TRX to batch transer to 120 at a TRX price of ~$0.077.


After a couple conversational/prompt iterations and minimal DIY editing, this is the batchTransferComptroller.sol co-created with the prototype AIA team -

Contract on Nile Tronscan
It supports 3 core functions:

  • batchTransferByMember - a Sorrel member can bulk send from their own Sorrel account to N members - member requires Tron resources themselves.

  • batchTransferByAdmin - A Sorrel admin with resources can bulk send on behalf of a member to N members. Member does not require Tron resources themselves (“Energy Free”).

  • batchTransferByAnyone - Any User on Tron chain without a Sorrel account can use this to bulk send any TRC20 token to N recipients. User requires Tron resources themselves. A basis point fee (20|0.2% on Nile) can be set on this function as a service.

This fee can be later withdrawn from the comptroller and deposited into a Sorrel Shared Resources Network (SRN) account as part of the shared credit for use by members.



Hey all we’ve made an update to the bankDepository contract and have redeployed to both Nile and Mainnet.

This update enables an admin (account or contract) to claim and withdraw JustLend yields if available. Now that we are on mainnet this allows us to access to any USDD yield that may accrue to the bankDepository to move out of the contract.



See updated contract + links here as well


Thanks for the update

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Les felicito, gracias por la información


I’ve been experimenting with plugins for building Sorrel’s AIA Team personas. Here’s a conversation overview of goStables and Sorrel as explained by ChatGPT:


I’ve been co-designing with the AIA Team a simplified mobile UX prototype for the Sorrel Wallet. Please have a look and explore, click around. Feedback appreciated:


nice, thank you for the update

keep building

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Keep up the great work, very nice :+1:

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Not bad .
Looking lovely.
Could you please get it another mild background colour a shift from White.