Supersets - exercise to earn

Topic title: Supersets - fitness for everyone

Project Name: Supersets
Project Track: Academy
Team Name: Supersets
Team Member(s): 1, leonw
Project Goal: create a fitness experience where users earn rewards by accomplishing workouts so that they are motivated to exercise
Project Info:
Project Website: coming soon
Project Test Instructions: coming soon
Project Details: we will invite qualified trainers/creators to create workouts on the platform and users can follow them. Once a workout is completed, the user can earn tokens to upgrade their NFT character.
Project Milestones: coming soon


Do you have a devpost presentation post?


He’s in hackathon group that’s why he’s able to post here easily … it’s misleading & misused of being added in group of hackathon …

2 days ago I posted on hackathon category it’s still pending not yet approved…


Yeah he joined 4 hours ago, read 10 minutes (probably the time to write the presentation post) and that’s it. 2 days before the judging period and no devpost, no details…


Hola, para poder opinar sobre su proyecto debería enviar más información e imágenes, entre otros.


Cool idea, hopefully we can see some kind of MVP in the next couple days.


Hi @leonw, please make sure to update your project ASAP as the community voting is starting soon. We have moved your project post from GameFi to the Academy tag to reflect the correct Track that you are in.

To all, Academy Track participants don’t need to post to Devpost as stated in the Hackathon rules, they were judged by a separate panel of Academy Track judges. However, they will be in the same community voting period as the rest of the tracks. Therefore, projects that have not provided enough information by then will be missing out.


Hey @admin.hackathon

Are the projects submitted in the Academy track after the November 14 at 5:00pm MST
deadline qualify/eligible for the prizes?

Thank You,


Wish you all the best


This looks like a really solid project. I wish the team a best of luck on the project

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The Academy Track was managed by another organization and not by Devpost since there’s also an offline hacker house we did to host Academy Track. And since Academy Track has different dates (way later starting date), they have slightly more time to create their post.

However, if the post was not updated with enough details, it may be removed from the community poll.


Good right up… kudos

Most of Academy projects don’t have needed information on there post

Cant wait to see dis, Fitness of a thing is my favorite

Seems great! Good luck!