Surity | Decentralized Insurance Market platform

we plan to ease the process for marketers to create new policies on our platform, above message shows the screenshot of policy creation process on our platform. It is relatively simple for someone starting out to become a policy marketer on Surity.

With our rewarding system which we mentioned in the Project scope and some of our previous messages include more details about it. It would help the insurance marketers to leverage our generated rewards to attract stakers for their policies, they themselves do not have to worry about reward generation / distribution at all.

The transparency will be showcased primarily by our publicizing to the users, how a company is calculating and verifying the premium and validating a claim.

Thank you for your reply.
We are particularly targeting to know the understanding of blockchain and insurance among different people through this survey, We aren’t planning to consider those factors as of now.

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Hi everyone, We have created a short survey to know the understanding of blockchain and insurance among people, It will be really helpful if you all could fill this form. Thanks!

Form link :

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I have filled and submitted


Thank you for making me understand the use of the tokens, but how are you planning to be transparent in the distributing of tokens that are taken as profit, thank you

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Thanks I have filled your form. You can add comment box in your forms for feedback/suggestions. I am interested more in trc 20 tokens.


Hi, sorry, it was a typo, I have corrected it
Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Much appreciated


Okay great ! What inspired the team to build Surity?


Hello Surity team, insurance on blockchain is indeed an interesting idea,

how do you envision your claim system to work ? Is it going to similar process like MetLife and others?

By looking into your smart contracts I noticed ETH wording, have you participated in other hackathons before with this same project?

Are users going to be able to get at least part of their funds in case of emergency ? Or contract will limit withdrawals for contract owner only?

Please help to clearly state your achieved and future hackathon milestones with dates to improve the trondao admins and judges feedback. Without plans and dates it is difficult for judges to asses project completion and will affect your final score.

Kudos for open sourcing your project !

Keep on building team! :slight_smile:


alright I will check it out thanks


Oh, that was a short and straight to the point type of survey, thanks for sharing.

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I did complete the survey, thank you!

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Thank you for the tag, filled and submitted the survey

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Hi, We haven’t yet decided upon what we will be doing with the profit tokens, I don’t think so we mentioned anywhere if we will be distributing it, Thanks

We were inspired to create Surity by our past experience developing a web3 project focused on agriculture insurance. Seeing the potential to create a more inclusive and transparent insurance marketplace, we decided to develop a platform where insurance marketers can create custom policies, promoting fairness and trust in the industry.

Link to our previous Project - Agrosurance :

I do not know how MetLife works but our claim system would be simple, if someone wants to raise a claim they can apply for a claim, the insurance marketer would have submitted to us a function which would verify the claim. so if the function returns True, claim is validated, otherwise, the claim is rejected, if the insured person feels the claim function made a False Negative, he can put a manual verification request and the marketer can manually validate the claim if he wants to.

No, this is not past code, I am using ethers to sign a message and thus Ethereum signed message is seen here. This is a small part only used for server - contract communication in only one place. Everything else is Tron based and even this is nothing to do with the Ethereum blockchain, just message signing.

Sorry, What withdrawals are we talking about?

Thanks for pointing it out, We will update the timeline with a detailed milestone asap!

Thanks! We appreciate your feedback :raised_hands:

Thanks for the detailed explanation @marsian ! Regarding the withdrawals I was referenfing to a function in which users can get at least part of their funds to cover an emergency case like a Lay-Off scenario. New York Life insurance for example have something like this, also in case you never used the insurance an get to a certain age you can claim all your “saved” funds. I encourage you to check on different use cases from insurance services to expand your smartcontracts functions so you can serve a broader future customers :slight_smile:

Thank you and good luck!! Keep building

Thank you for replying to me, I wish the team has decided yet I was very desperate to hear

Oh yes, I have heard of these but they had completely slipped out of my mind.
Thanks for bringing our attention to this. We will try our best to implement most of these features before mainnet launch.

Actually It is a very later stage thing, First we will have to think about all the functioning and making of them, only then we will be able to get a profit. You know if application dosen’t work, other stuffs will be just irrelevant, So we are more focused towards it. I hope you understand. Surely whenever we will be making a decision on it, We will keep in mind to update you at the first.:blush: