Surity | Decentralized Insurance Market platform

Hi everyone, We have successfully made a submission for the TRON Hackathon Season 6

Link to the Submission :

There are a few thing left for the integration after which you all can Test out our initial MVP! Thank you for staying with us. :rocket:


Yes I do understand and I will be looking forward to that update, thank you

I like the idea, but how do you face legalisation issue? since it is insurance and even though it is decentralised, it must comply with legal regulations. Can you tell us what’s your plan?

I have work with this and it wasn’t easy task and you are required to have a real insurance backing on you if you want to really deploy it

Hi @dellwatson! Thanks for the reply.
And apologies for the late reply from our end.

This is something we have been researching recently
Especially with things like pools of policies running out we would not be able to satisfy claims from people.
This leads to a unique problem where we either do not compensate those claims but that leads to loss in trust in Surity whereas on the other hand we can have some sort of self satisfying condition where if a policy runs out of cash for a marketer we can penalize that marketer in one way or another by stopping purchase of all other policies and mathematically using the surplus from other policies into satisfying this one in which the pool ran out, but this is something quite complex and something we have to research further. As, in real life, as mentioned by you, legal checks exist around things like bankruptcy etc.
I think a simple “let the market handle itself” philosophy might work, because we can have it so that people don’t take policies from risky marketers anyways.
This would mitigate the issue of having any legal / self fulfilling contracts in the mix and also ease the process of creation of a self sustainable market.

Hi everyone, we have been thinking of renaming “Surity” to “JustInsure”
Let us know what you guys think about this.
We will be making this change, if we will make this change, after the hackathon period ends as we are not aware of the rules regarding this and would not want to be disqualified for editing the project. After the judging period, we may proceed with the rename.

Please let us know what you guys, the community, thinks about this as this would influence our decision heavily.

Firstly, what makes you consider this name change, and could be the reason behind the new name you have chosen for your project?

Hello! Cool project.

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hello again Surity team, would you please help to update your milestones with dates?

When are you planning to have an online MVP to test? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

First and foremost, we just liked the ring of the new name honestly.
More importantly, we notices most projects on tron ecosystem being named this way.
JustLend, JustStable etc.

But again, we will only go forth with the renaming after proper consideration and communication with the community

Hi we are working to expedite the MVP.
It should be available for testing soon enough.

Hi, This looks really interesting, We will discuss this among us and let you know soon!