The Burning Of The Unminted NFTs By The TronNinjas Team

Hi TRONICS in the house :wave:

I bring to you an important update from the @TronNinjas community. Today, through their TronNRG official X (Twitter) account, they posted an update that will determine further, the future of their TronNinjas NFT.

Remember that recently, they announced a reduction of their NFT minting fee from 1250 TRX to its initial price of 650 TRX in celebration of the start of bullish market and TRON’s performance.

Today, they announced the commencement of burning the remaining of their NFTs and removing it from supply. In the same development, all TronNinjas NFTs will be transition into NRG Ninja NFT which they said, will play a major role in the soon to be launched NRG Wallet.

You can find the announcement by clicking on this link to read more about it;

What do you guys think about this approach of burning the unminted NFTs from the TronNinjas team. Is it what other Tron NFT communities should do?

Let’s hear your opinion on this :thinking: