The "How To Guide: For Community Building" - TRON Edition 1.0

This will be a guide for hackathon projects to help increase their odds within the community vote during Hackathon seasons and garner support and motivation from a community.

Step 1: Create Your Channels

How can you have a community if you don’t have anywhere to talk? You will want to start by creating your social channels.

On TRON there are really 2 main social platforms that the communities hang out on but I will go over them all.

  1. Twitter - Everyone in the Crypto space has one. This is a must for all projects.

  2. Telegram - Most TRON users hang out in Telegram groups, you should have your own for your group.

  3. Discord - Not really used as much on TRON but used in other Crypto Communities.

Ideally you want to start your Twitter as soon as possible and start posting within the #TRX, #TRON, #TRONICS hashtags. If you are more BitTorrent you can use #BTT, #BTTC, #BitTorrent and so on.

Engage with other TRONICS, comment, reply and post consistently.

If you are unsure what to do, take a look at top Crypto twitters and see what type of content people are engaging with. Is it memes? Is it Twitter threads? What is it?

Set up a Telegram Group and make sure there is a bot in there to protect from SPAM and other bots.

#1 Rule on Telegram is most of the DM’s are scammers as Admins will talk in the public channel.

Make sure that Telegram link is in your Twitter bio so the people seeing posts on Twitter can easily access your telegram group.

Step 2: Engage With Existing Projects

The best way IMO to acquire dedicated members into your telegram fast is by engaging with already established communities within TRON.

You are in luck, both S1 Community vote and S2 community vote let you know which communities are already big within TRON.

Approaching these projects/communities you can ask them to do an AMA to their members. Interact within their Telegram chats, possible ask if you can share your project to their communities and or partner with them.

Building together hand in hand with a bigger community project or similar size will help both projects and build trust within the communities.

Remember most TRONICS are a part of multiple different communities.

There is one more place where you can post every Friday and that is the TRONIX Reddit or the official reddit of TRON. Every Friday is Dapp Friday and posts are allowed from dapps.

Step 3: Engage your Telegram members

Once you have members in your group have discussions, get them involved in what you are building. Update them. Ask their opinions. Show them progress and ask for their support.

Don’t spam but focus on quality when you ask for support. Always pin important messages to the top of the telegram group.

If you are unsure of what to do in your telegram group, join a large one and model its success. What do they have pinned? Do they host AMAs? Are most of the members bots? How do they control security? What do the members ask about?

Step 4: GROW

There are other ways to grow as well such as:

  • Twitter/Youtube/Tiktok Influencers (Check to see if effective)
  • Twitter Giveaways (Helpful for getting the post noticed)
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Live Events and Online events such as this Hackathon.

Eventually, you’ll want to branch out of the TRON community as it is small. I believe the future is multi-chain so your dapp should be multi-chain and why would you limit your consumer base to just 1 chain?

Follow step 2 again on another chain rinse and repeat. Again, if a project is massively bigger than yours then they might not even respond to you. Approach with care and don’t be spammy.

Don’t forget your consumer bases on each chain. Let your users decide which chain they like to use but if one chain can clearly reduce costs for them, let them know.

Conquer all the chains and you will acquire the one chain to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. :laughing:

NOTE: I will update this possibly more and fix mistakes but for now I am tired because its late, so stay tuned…


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