Creating a Community for your projects

This topic is for new project developers to learn how to get started, and create a strong community.

Well everyone could have noticed the difference between how projects by team with their own community always stand ahead in the Tron Hacakthons, and individual or new projects face challenges gathering vote, This Topic could become a guide book for them so this doesn’t repeat for them in upcoming seasons.

Well even I am also a individual developer, and don’t know much about the same, so I would like to ask Teams with great knowledge to reply to this topic with their advices, so we could learn the required skills


The reason behind this is because most new developers are only building to grab some bucks from the hackathon. Those projects you now referred to as “projects with their community” started from crash, not knowing that the hackathons we have now will come to existence. They started building their community and investing in them. They host giveaways upon giveaways, on twitter, to build their community. This they do with their personal funds until the build their community to a certain level. But it doesn’t stop here, as they were building their community through multiple giveaways on twitter, they kept spreading their vision with their community and connecting the dots by delivering what they promised their community. When the community now see how dedicated you are with your project mission, they will now see your community as their new home and will be willing to help you take your project to a higher heights.

I can remember winning my first TronNinjas, Tronbies and TronBull NFTs in a twitter giveaway. The question now is why can’t I support this projects, since they are seriously building so hard and bringing innovation to Tron blockchain, when they participate in Tron hackathons?


True, small projects are the first victims of cash grabbers as the community is losing faith season after season so something should be done to demotivate them to participate again.

To build a community there is no secret. Engage with them, be constant, motivated, ambitious but realistic, as transparent as possible, build quality products, get collabs with other projects,…
One important thing is also to have a team around you, supporting each others and most importantly who like what they do.

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Some projects are bent on building their project but they forget that they are building for people to use.

No wonder they abandon a project that won something previously to build a new one the following season.

I remember a a project after wining in season 3 promising to do airdrop for early birds of his project. We are in season 5 and nothing dropped.

And the project is not even talked about, he came this season again with a new project which i know he will abandon it later and bring a new thing next season.

Most cash grabbers are not really interested in building a community. Cos if they want to, they know what to do to achieve that.

But they wont!!!

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Won’t cash grabbers buy followers?

Cash grabbers don’t necessarily buy followers, they use romance tactics in the forum to fall for them. Sweet sugar coated updates like they are really up to a good thing.

And most cash grabbers aim for the judges vote as those ones holds alot of cash that the community vote and the community vote has no influence on the judges vote, some seasons have proven that judges vote and community vote has a negative correlation.

Someone might win judges vote and not win anything from the community


saw most projects don’t have community channels

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And most of them dont want to build a community. If you know the energy @JustMoney, @TronNinjas etc put into community building you will be amazed.

So it is always right to see them win community votes. Cos their win is everyone’s win.


Actualy my intent with this post was to allow new project who in their starting stages just built a project to gain knowledge from projects which already have communities, on their experiences in building it from scratch, what a project must do and what it shouldn’t.

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Great idea for new users to get to know about how the progress works on forum and hackathon projects my friend appreciate your effort


Thanks for bringing this up, it’s really thoughtful having to share our thoughts and insights on this, you’re 100% right that experienced teams with established communities often have an advantage, I’ve only one suggestion bordering on this discussion and it goes thus;

Collaboration: Consider collaborating with other developers and projects. Partnerships can help you tap into existing communities and gain more exposure.


It’s important to be transparent and honest

with your community members this means sharing your progress with them,

even when it is not possible it also means being honest about the goals and expectations.

This could involved giving your community members early access to new features, providing them with exclusive discount, or even giving them the opportunity to earn tokens or other rewards.


Thanks for starting this topic brother. I hope it’ll be helpful for future developers

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Like on instagram or twitter? Do they have to own some social media for promoting their projects? Maybe it’d be cool for them as well I don’t understand why just they don’t do it

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Personally not courageous enough to start developing myself but gotta agree on voting part that there are some gatherings and different behaviors between members

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I guess it might be their own websites as well