The METAVERSE And Its Influence

The current bear market is nothing more than a mere blip in the market’s long term trajectory.

The METAVERSE projects having successfully completed their presales,are all set to have a strong  launch this year and ecosystems of their projects grow.

Yes,like that of the @turuglobal launch of TuruMetaverse with its ecosystem of #AfricaStars,#Versacbrics, among others

The industry keeps changing as new technologies evolve and new projects come in with the implementation of the developments.

The major trend was METAVERSE which caught the attention of both inside traders and outside the industry . METAVERSE is really here to stay.

Education, entertainment,work,among others will make the METAVERSE a big lifetime institution. 

Artificial intelligence and METAVERSE will make our global village a reality…


Artificial intelligence is so nice :slightly_smiling_face: but I think :thinking: I have to invent natural intelligence :joy:


Coincido completamente contigo, el encanto de la inteligencia natural no tiene competencia.


Sure bro, some artificials go beyond the lines and sometimes it has no remedy when broken


The actual investors understand the system…


Haha.Natural intelligence is the universal set ,for which AI is a

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Exactly, AI thrives on Natural Intelligence. Human can always override the system and take an AI off the grid.

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