Metaverse Virtual Influencers

Are you following any metaverse virtual influencers?


there are many influencers on twitch but there is not even a small percentage that are simply an avatar, I even doubt that someone has a world to share. Although remembering I think there is one that broadcasts from a minecraft world and we could say that it is something similar but little else…


Do those even exist? The Metaverse currently isn’t a real thing. When people think metaverse they think of a 2nd digital world akin to the Matrix.

What we have currently is multiple game platforms trying to act like a metaverse, that are not connected in anyway, don’t interact with each other and build on their own system.

If we truly want a Metaverse it needs to be multi-platform and interconnected and literally, anyone can code stuff in it. Oh and it needs to be owned by everyone and not a solo company. You can have companies within it… but they can’t own the platform itself.

Who created Earth? No one knows but it exists and is our platform and we have countries/companies within it that develop it.