OmniaVerse: (Minecraft meets Tron) Where everyone is an artist and all artwork can be monetized

Hello Team, We have now withdrawn our application. We got selected on the BitGert Startup program. Thank you for all the support and we are now going to focus our journey on the BitGert platform.


Are users then able to edit that part of the land say in Minecraft once they have bought it? How will the NFT transfer land building rights to the player that buys it?


Hello @WindsOfChange92 , So the way its going to work is, lets assume, you bought the NFT, as soon as you buy the NFT and the NFT is flagged as sold, the structure in Minecraft will now be tied to your Wallet Address. So, it right away converts to a Read Only structure for everyone else. Now, when you as the owner of NFT do decide to go ahead and modify/upgrade the property, you can then link your Minecraft account to the app and just because we know you own the NFT, it becomes yours to own, modify or even upgrade/enhance. I hope this clarifies, happy to provide more detailed examples. Thank you for your question.


Interesting project @matangazo, can you share with us what the community can expect within the next two months, by the mid of the year, and by the end of the year?

If a user is not into Minecraft or Meta, will they will have something else to do in Omniaverse?

Do you have other OmniaVerse screenshots/concept environment renders ready?

Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks.

is it the same project in bitrise ?

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Hey, yes. We got selected on the Bitrise Startup Studio.

what’s Bitrise Startup Studio ?