Trading Club JAFO

We have opened up our new version 1 of the dashboard if you want to try it. You should be able to change the input sections in the grey boxes only. Change the ticker symbol to what you would like to see the information for in the grey box and it should update. JAFOs Stock Analysis Dashboard - Google Sheets

After the hackathon it will be open to subscribers only for access.
*Top 5 JAFO holder is 500 TRX per month
*JAFO holder is 1000 TRX per month
*Non-JAFO holder is 2000 TRX per month

So you do not need to be a holder to access this dashboard. The TRX will be used to grow the trading platform. With 50 percent going to add to trading liquidity and 50% adding to freezing on Tron network. Let me know if you have any issues or questions on it.


Thank you these have all been addressed and updated.


Very impressive, keep it up.


Great project! Good luck with the hackathon!


This is cool that you opened it up for us to try out. I like it and has a lot of information.

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Yes glad you were able to check it out. It is working real nicely

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