Tribunals by trybe - DAO Governance using NFTs

Project Name: Tribunals
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: Trybe
Team Member(s): xavier-charles
DevPost URL: Tron Tribunals | Devpost
Project Goal: Tribunals wants to make DAO governance for NFT communities efficient.

Project Info:
Tribunals is a decentralized NFT-based voting system for DAOs. DAOs can issue NFTs to wallets based on what matters to their community, and the holders of these NFTs can create proposals and vote on these proposals while they have the NFTs of that tribunal.

Users don’t have to pay gas to participate in DAO governance.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • On the app, DAOs or organisations create a “tribunal.”
  • Users can join a tribunal by minting an NFT of that tribunal
  • Users that have a certain tribunal’s NFT are eligible to create proposals and vote on them.
  • Voting is gasless and the vote is stored on IPFS

Project Milestones:

  • Release Beta Q1 2023

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