TronVote - A Governance Voting System To Request And Distribute Project Treasury Funds

Project Name: TronVote
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TronVote
Team Member(s): @TheBrackster (1)
DevPost URL: TronVote | Devpost
Project Goal:
This project was developed to help community engagement by developing a Treasury funding and voting system, whereby referendums are held on funding requests.

Project Info:
Video Demo - TronVote Demo - YouTube
APK Download: - Build Details — 3840fcb3-4afe-4e05-b7aa-b871821cca10 — trongov — Expo

Project Website:
Github Repositories:

Project Test Instructions:
Please see Github ReadMe for detailed installation and test instructions.

Project Details:

The DApp was built using the following:

  • React Native
  • Solidity
  • IPFS
  • Javascript

Challenges Included:
Developing a mobile only solution was much harder than a desktop browser solution, but true engagement in democracy and voting can only really be achieved with this approach.

Keeping main contract tronGovernance within the permitted storage limits.
Especially the referendum struct was restructured multiple times to be kept within permitted 12 Fields. This raised the issue of storing most information and metadata in IPFS which demanded its own learning curve.
Developing on mobile phone comes with a number of challenges such as handling tronweb and
account transaction signing.
For example it took a significant amount of time in not being able to create fresh accounts on the mobile using tronweb.

Project Milestones:
Adding Real value to the adoption of Tron ecosystem using Mobile Phone Dapp.
Ability to create treasury smart contracts and fresh account from Mobile Dapp.
Reading and Writing data to IPFS from Mobile phone.
Voting via mobile and adding conviction to votes by locking tokens worked out really well.

Screenshots From The App:


Nice project solo-hacker… well-detailed documentation

waiting for you to Live and Mainnet :grin:


I really think that Mobile is the future and the more apps we develop on mobile the more the blockchain tech would be use world wide. For a hackathon project the work you did is impressive. As improvements I think that using a server is an approach but I would really love to see interacting with mobile wallets rather. Some UI dev might also help with the UI and more attention to details regarding the chosen words. It was pretty hard to understand the app.

I would just really want to add that this is on of my favorite project.

You are awesome!!

Great project, agree with the above - Well done

Great project , because mobile is the future