Tron Development Kit ( TDK ) - Build faster and smarter with APIs and SDk

Project Name: Tron Development Kit
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TDK
Team Member(s): 1 currently - @qudusayo
DevPost URL: Tron Development Kit ( TDK ) | Devpost
Project Goal: Simply the process of building on the TRON network

Project Info:

Project Website: n/a yet

Project Test Instructions: Get a postman sample data, clone the repository and can simply run a sample prior to the main launch

Project Details:
Problem: Some developers find it kind of hard to build on the TRON network.
Reasons: No flexible API is available to every builder. No simple SDKs Majorly for ReactJS which is mostly used by builders. This makes it kind of hard to build quickly and greatly on the ecosystem which also affects me being a developer.
Realized solution: Working on an API that helps simplify this process and bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3 making builders from any sector ( regards any programming language ) able to build flexible applications on the TRON network.
The API is available on both the test networks ( shasta and nile ) and main network.
This will make it possible for any builder using any programming language to get on-chain data in their app.

API Includes:

  • NFT API: The NFT API is a set of APIs built to help developers index real-time NFT data from across the network, enabling builders to build and scale their NFT dapps efficiently. This includes fetching NFT balance of an address, fetching NFT metadata, fetching NFT owners, etc.

  • Token API: Token API is a set of APIs built to help developers fetch token-related data from the blockchain such as token balances of a wallet ( trc-10 and trc-20 ), trc-20 transactions, and some others too.

  • Transaction API: Transaction API is a set of APIs built to help developers fetch transaction-related data from the blockchain such as getting transactions by hash, and get transactions of wallet.

  • BTFS API: BTFS API is an API that allows developers to upload files to BTFS through the API.

Project Milestones: Worked on the API to give the best output in the fastest way considering time complexity and expected to have MVP by the submission deadline. React SDK in beta-mode


Found this after looking for a React library for Tron which I couldn’t find. This will really help in building faster . I couldn’t participate in the Hackathon due to this since I don’t know about tron . This will help alot for upcoming Hackathons.

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Greetings Qudusayo! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Info
Project Website
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This is awesome! As a EVM smart contract developer I felt like it’s a little more challenging to build on TRON and could be more accessible by creating SDK’s to help make developers using popular front-end frameworks (like React/Nextjs) life’s easier on TRON. When do you think a beta will be released? I would be your first developer :smile:

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Really interesting project !

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Nice project… I hope the team behind this keeps improving it the more even after the hackathon.

However, in order to make the project serve its intended purpose, we need to know where to start from… I see no guide/direction of use both in the as well as the Devpost page


Good luck

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As a full stack dev i know how hard it is to build on tron. To be honest there’s no easy going documentation out there. In fact I don’t think there’s any doc at all.

Currently you are the second project I’ve looked at on web3 and I love the idea but have you released any sdk so far?


Thanks a lot. We’re really working hard to fully launch the beta by Q1 according to our roadmap which was explained in the Devpost Post

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nice idea I would expect a better documentation as a gitbook or something in order to search exactly what I need plus a deployed website api started would be a great plus. I would love if you add the github link here(on forum) also. I would also expect more operations to be added.

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Thanks a lot. When fully launched, we planned using Readme which seemed to be more developer fiendly.
The SDK part will be opensource when launched which is in beta mode , but the API works fine for now which is meant to be closed sourced .

Thanks :raised_hands:t4:

Forgot to mention, there’s a way to test that’s submitted alongside the project as mentioned above. Will DM you regards being a beta user and will be glad if you can help alongside testing that.


Programming so so very interesting man

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What are the required skills needed to use this tron development kit?

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Only JavaScript will be required to use the sdk on the client, but regards the API, any language works fine since it’s api request, but there’ll be sdk for other languages which is in the roadmap