TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 1 winners announcement! Congrats to all winners!

We would like to thank @TronLive @trondao @admin.hackathon for hosting Tron Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 1. We would also like to thank all the crypto experts, KOLS and all the Tronics for their time and support.

We are thrilled to be among the Top 5 winners for the GameFi category and have the chance to grow together with Tron Network! Do visit our twitter and website for more updates.

Thank you,
Team Quizarena


Thank you @TronLive @trondao @admin.hackathon, judges for organizing and taking part of this amazing hackathon. Very happy to be part of the people and community sharing and caring and partnering all for a common goal which is to make the TRON & BTT Stronger and attractive.

I suggest to host Twitter Spaces, Youtube live with the winners and have everyone share his project and discuss and even get some guests to participate and make it LOUD.

Let’s keep up the great work.


Most of the TronNinjas team have been part of this great community for many years. We love the Tron network and are inspired by the network’s efforts, speed, and efficacy. We wanted to use the web and contribute to its success, and it is for us an honour to be here.

The opportunity that the Hackathon has presented us will not be taken lightly; we fully appreciate the gesture and what this will allow us to do going forward. Projects come and go; we have seen others who have not had the result they expected leave Tron. We are here to build long term and add value! We are beside ourselves and are extremely excited for the acceleration wining has offered us.

We want to thank TronDao, the Tron community and the judges for the opportunity they have presented us with, we look forwards to working closely with Tron and the community in the future to realise the full potential of web decentralisation.

TronNinjas Team



All this motivates us a lot to keep moving always forward!!! We will continue to do our best and offer Innovative and Technological solutions

I wish a lot of success to all registered projects and a BIG Congratulations to the TRON and BitTorrent community.


Well put and congrats!


Many thanks to the organizers of the Hackathon and the TRON community for supporting our project.
We will continue to develop the DAO sphere on TRON and BitTorrent! :rocket:


This Hackathon has been a very welcome break with a bad trend. It has been public, transparant and engaging.

This will have a very positive reflection on TRON as a blockchain, the blockchain we all grew up with. As TuruGlobal we are very proud to be the winner of the NFT award and through our VersacBrickPSquad and other projects, we will spread our tentacles to other blockchains and try to convince these communities to come with us back to our roots and try out TRON blockchain.

Ease of use has always been one of the key selling points of TRON, we hope that with this Hackathon we can add transparancy and support to the community as additional selling points for TRON.

Great Hackathon and looking forward to the next one…


Hi team, glad to meet you, thank you for your nice hackathon.
We participated in your hackathon and got an award.
How to get the award and how to deploy the code?
Who should I contact and ask for help?
Thank you very much. :grinning:

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Congratulations to all winners !!!

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Congratulations to all Hackathon participants, you are the ones that made this hackathon complete! We would also like to thank all community members that joined us during the hackathon as well.

For the winners, we will be contacting you to follow up on prizes and set up an ongoing communication channel to track the project progress. Please note that our email address will be from the domain so please make sure to double-check before handing in any sensitive information.

For users that wish to join our subsequent hackathons, make sure to stay tuned in our forum for the next announcement. The registration for the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 2 will begin on May 16, 2022.

For the rest of you, feel free to engage with any other Hackathon Projects as the project team will be here to answer your questions and keep the community updated.

If you have yet to leave feedback, you may do so here if it is hackathon-related or in the site feedback section. We truly welcome your opinions and suggestions. We are also really glad to see so much positive feedback from the community, it shows that we are all moving forward in the correct direction! :rocket:

Again, thanks to all the judges, sponsors, and participants who have made this inaugural season of the Hackathon an unparalleled success!

Thank you with :two_hearts: from the TRON DAO Team.


Hello people, How are you ?

I came with this idea what do you think to call Tron building as Tuilding or more Tuidling ??

So it’s gonna be like Let’s Tuidl or Let’s Tuild. :smiley:

And that will be a slogan for Tron developers

What the you think community ? @cctechmx @fabsltsa @Sirluke @Centiiv @TronLive @admin.hackathon @SuperJack @TronNinjas and everyone.


I think I like that :smiley:


Thanks pick one please : Let’s Tuidl or Let’s Tuild .

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Let’s tuild!!!

In TRON we tuild hehe

We like that! :slight_smile:

From now on we’ll use the tuild word :upside_down_face:


Let’s Tuild together

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Hello @trondao , @support.hackathon , @TronLive , just to make things clear and transparent for everyone and avoid confusion, I’d like to get your support to confirm if the following statement is correct or not:

Hackathon participants got an extension of 2 weeks which means ALL milestones starting on April got moved 2 weeks forward , e.g April 15th milestone moves to April 30th, April 30th milestone moves to May 15th & finally May 15th milestone moves to May 30th.

Would you please confirm this statement is correct? If not please provide a detailed statement to avoid confusion amongst participants.

Thank you very much in advance


Hey @cctechmx, the statement is correct. Every participant is granted a two weeks extension. However, for those teams that are able to complete their milestones before the end of the extension date can submit their progress for review by demonstrating the project with video clips or screenshots.


Thank you for the answer , We will try our best to finish earlier of course :slight_smile: