Tron hackathon, hackathon season 3

Question about the interest!

Wanna know when we can get interest after minting??

maybe every day or every week??

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Now we figured out your question!

First Minting will be same as conventional NFT but we just accept stable coins not cryptocurrencies like eth.

In the Blockchain system we will put story of Convictzess and price of stable NFTs.
When you put your NFT on Opensea, you can see those information of NFT. (Also we will make gallery of NFTs to introduce each NFTs.)

After you mint a 10K stable NFT, you can sell it as a 100K or 1000K or 100ETH or 10000 polygon whatever you want on Opensea.

Because you have ownership of the NFT, you can sell it in whatever you want.

But, you can redeem your NFT whenever you want at the protocol website. So you can receive your money back.

No worries for falling price of nft!

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We did not decide yet, But it will be every week to distribute the interest!

Commission revenue of one week will be distributed every week.

Great question :100:

Nice one and i love the idea. In this case i can get my money back if secondary sales is not moving quickly as expected.

How sure are you that the protocol will not be drained of its funds after minting is done.

Nothing is SAFU in this cryptospace again. The team might have great ideas. But things can go wrong at any moment. FTX on my mind, creating backdoor to do away with users fund without alerting authorities.


Thank you for important questions again!

Problem of Credit, Trust is only be solved by Blockchain.

Until now, without blockchain, Law and third party like banks solve the problem of trust in the middle of buyer&seller.

But through the blockchain we can solve it easy and accurate.

Stabln will be fully decentralized, as even the protocol itself does not have centralized access whatsoever to the treasury.

We don’t have access to protocol treasury and it will be proved by audit.


Nice one. Thank you for your time and patience to answer all my questions. I asked them clear all doubts because i know your project is one of the best in this season three.

Keep it up, will be monitoring your progress and if the need arise to ask questions, make a suggestion or recommendation, i will be back. Wishing you all the best


Thanks for the great compliment!
We are focusing on working demo right now! Coming soon
Through your questions and help, our team can develop our project further Thanks!

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Web Design and Frontend coming! Thanks for support of community, hope you enjoy it

Hola, si verdaderamente se compra el NFT y no altera el valor a la baja me parece perfecto, entonces estaré esperando cualquier adelanto de su proyecto. Gracias.

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A new concept of stable NFT will bring the sensation to the NFT world.

Thank you for your support! Gracias

Thanks bro :raised_hands: :raised_hands:
Wait for further updates

You idea looks good, but a critical look at how things are in the present crypto world and the present world in general make one wonder at the safe haven you’re promising your user-to-be.
Here are my questions:

  1. Price is the value attached to anything and the willingness for people to part away with their money in exchange for a thing is what really gives it value. How do you intend to give your NFT value.
  2. You called it stable. Would a business minded person want to invest in an asset that’s stable. We all know profit comes from the scalability of fluctuations of price of any commodity(be it FTs or NFTs).
  3. That being said, the funds you intend to collect in exchange for this NFT(which i would presume serves as collateral to the NFTs buyer) what would you be doing with them to be able to meet up with promised interest for the NFTs holders?
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Amazing Community! Thanks for the Questions!

  1. First of all, our team produces stable NFTs ourselves and releases them for minting.
    So we decide the price of stable NFTs. we will release from cheap stable NFTs to expensive stable NFTs.
    After minting, holders can sell it freely on open market or transfer it to friends for presents.
    Not only Holders will get interest periodically as they just hold it, but also they can redeem it whenever they want to get their money back

  2. For a Business minded person, Stable NFT will not be something attractive. (Just our opinion)
    After minting, Stable NFT would have ‘price pressure’ at the open market. The price of stable nft will not go down, but it would have difficulty to going up. Because they were born to have the minimum value.

One of the purposes of Stable NFT is to be familiar to common people who don’t know about NFTs and crypto. Low fluctuations and periodical interest (which works like banks) would give the opportunities for common people to enter the NFT world easily! Zero risk, Yes profit is our slogan of the project.

Sorry that we did not describe the details of our idea because it is a hackathon. One of our core ideas is collaborating with real commodities. It can be Nike shoes, Mcdonald’s hamburgers, and so on.
As our NFT minted only by stable coins, it is easy to connect the NFT world and real commodities.
Imagine the limited edition of Nike shoes NFT! (Anyone who has this NFT will exchange their NFT for real shoes all over the world.) Unlike the simple art NFT, its price will rise although it already has a minimum value.
We also imagine the possibilities of a mortgage loan of Stable NFT because it is similar to bonds.

  1. We don’t have a specific plan about what we would do with the funds.
    But the treasury for redeeming should be secure so that no one can have access including founding members. For zero risk of users and protocol, we would not do anything. Just follow the order by smart contract code.

I see this project mooning but it’s just a matter of time :v:


Just a matter of time buddy!
Thanks for your support :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Let’s just be positive :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Love the tron community! 200% positive :crossed_fingers:


So people can mint an nft and then get some commissions on future sales and more the community gets bigger more commissions will be received (until nobody mints anymore), is that right?

What’s the difference between your project and a ponzi :thinking:


Hello fabsita! Our protocol’s slogan is zero risk and yes profit.
We are holy different from ponzi!
There were two kinds of cases the project fail or actually scam itself.
First, founders promote their defi by high interest rate then take all the money in treasury. Second, when all the users ran out of project, someone gets a significant loss.
Our protocol is safe from those cases. We will get audit proving we don’t have access to treasury. For the sake of our protocol mechanism, no one gets loss when everyone leave the protocol including protocol itself!


Well the last buyers are left with a nft, the same way the last buyers in any other ponzi are left with a product -most famous one being a training documentation explaining how to sell… a training documentation :joy: but also could be perfumes, creams or others. Ponzis often have a real product, but the difference with a legit business is that the focus isn’t on the product itself but on the commissions and the importance of bringing new people in the scheme.