TRON POS - Android application for accepting stable coins, credit and debit cards payments at the point of sale

Great submission again!

How possible is it to add support for other stablecoins? eg. gStables that are backed by USDD.

Can a user add support for stablecoins or do you guys have to allow/add it for app users to access?

Other thoughts and ideas in mind:

With our other product, Sorrel Banq, its possible for our members to send energy free without always requiring TRX to pay for txn fees - that could later be charged in the stablecoin being transferred/used as payment…

Then with our future Sorrel Cards… I’d imagine a path to integrate with @qwerty123 's Ujjo Cards so that these crypto payment cards can be used with Tron POS terminals - thus enabling a cool opensource payments network, for anyone, anywhere.

If there was a pathway to integration with Tron POS this could help adoption and demonstrate that Tron projects are looking for and can achieve cohesive synergies with each other.