TRON Total Account Exceed 193,000,000

Hahahahahaha! Poor people like us are already use to dust, like we eat it like a daily bread :joy::joy::joy:

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You’re absolutely right bro, the daily transaction volume of Tron has really been so impressive, and these has been the catalyst that has been attracting a massive onboarding of users and developers to the network. It’s exciting to see what future holds for the ecosystem :smiley:

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Lols, dust that can be gathered to make garri or pap for daily bread?

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Absolutely, clear case of sugar attracting ants don’t you think?
That was a really funny analogy haha :joy:

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I think garri will be better :joy::joy::joy:

Hahahahaha! Very funny analogy that demonstrated the situation very well :joy:

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10 days after reaching 195million

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Then 200M is sure? EOY

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Chief whale, when 200M :grinning:

Very very certain, with this level we keep growing at :ok_hand:

Just in case, I predicted it first, lols

please ask our secretary @Gordian for our last meeting’s minute, you will find it in there lols

Before Christmas, lols not as prediction adviser

Ohh! You guys already had a meeting on it :roll_eyes:
I can now bet my 2 kidneys that it’s going to be a cozy festivity :joy::joy:

But I just heard you’re the chief scribe :rofl::rofl::joy:

Lols, welcome to the club, that how stars do

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: get your dancing shoes ready

Hmmm :thinking: who are the men behind,… well it’s a good job anyway

you are one, stop pretending lol

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