TronBook - integrates AI to generate personalized challenges and facilitate AI-generated chat rooms, enhancing user engagement and fostering diverse interactions

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  • How will Tronbook ensure the quality and variety of user-generated and AI-generated challenges.

  • Will there be any curation process to maintain user interest and prevent repetitive or low-effort challenges.

  • In what way will the Tronbook team determine the appropriate reward value for different challenges.

*. Will there be tiers of difficulty or participation levels with corresponding rewards.



  1. I’ve tested the AI well, and it’s been giving pretty good outputs. If a point comes where it starts giving similar outputs everytime, we can take extra info about user’s interests and that would help to bring more uniqueness to the challenge
  2. As I mentioned, we’ve refined the AI according to the user preferences and hence there will be unique outputs almost everytime, but yes you can obviously retry and get a new challenge (can’t be changed once you select one)
  3. So, we’ve added a feature which is like - suppose you post something for a challenge and someone gets inspired by it and feels like they should also do this, then they can create a similar post by clicking on the “Inspire” button, the more people you inspire the higher rewards you’ll get.
  4. And yes, the second quantifier for the rewards is the difficulty of the challenge, so the two parameters for determining the rewards are - the number of people you inspired and the difficulty of the challenge
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That’s an excellent perspective, leveraging the creativity and talent of the platform’s artists can undoubtedly inspire and engage a larger audience, recognizing and honoring excellent artists could be a strong motivation for them to continue creating high-quality content and positively contributing to the community.

Have there been discussions about integrating features targeted specifically to the demands of artists in order to help them succeed and maximize their impact? For example, giving tools and resources for efficiently showcasing their work, such as personalized portfolios or specialized exhibition and collaboration areas, may increase their exposure and influence on the platform.


Ok. Then I will like to know again if there is going to be any plans to incorporate social features such as sharing progress with other participants or forming teams for collaborative challenges?


@manfred_jr we can take it as a good suggestion for the future! but as of now our focus is on the MVP. but yes, this would be a great addition to our platform.
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@Chukseucharia the progress is always shared as the users need to post everyday about their challenge and we’ve created a leaderboard too which will help other users to know who is currently having the most number of points during the challenge!


Thank you for your reply to me, please I will like to know how are you planning to put together feedback from your users so you will know what to improve upon, thank you

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Keep up the great work buddy,I wish you the best


@ines_valerie in the initial stages, we’re targetting to have some users from the tron community. so I think they can provide us direct feedback. and once we’re in the mainnet, I think putting a feedback page in the website would do the work. if you have any suggestions in that direction, pleasee let me know. thank you!


Hello Tronbook team, this seems like fun and definitely an interesting experiment to challenge established social media landscape. I have some suggestions and questions:

  1. Knowing that creating a social website from scratch could be exhaustive and expensive, have you considered integrating your app as a bot for telegram or integrating your challenges into already existing platforms like X, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc? This could significantly reduce development efforts and attract more users to your app.

  2. How are you gonna fight system abusers creating fake accounts to get more inspires and win prizes? An idea could be to involve a write function in your smart contract so its not free to inspire others, at least a minimum cost in energy could help on that

Please add dates in your milestones phases and sub activities so judges and admins have a better idea on progress, failing to do so might affect your final score as it is not clear what to evaluate.

Also please add your devpost URL as soon as possible.

Thank you ! Keep building on TRON/BTTC :slight_smile:

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That is a very very good way to do it as you’re targeting the users from the Tron community in your initial stages, don’t you feel like if you do reward system for people giving good feedback it’ll help the feedback process

Oh yes, indeed focusing on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a sound strategy for prioritizing critical features and launching the platform swiftly.

Hello everyone, thanks for the support
but I don’t think we’ll be able to submit this time due to the lack of a good frontend. however, we’ve implemented most of the backend functionalities, so I think we’re going well.

I think we’ll come back stronger in the next season. It was a great experience.

OHH nice. Thank you for this response and I will like to ask my last question for now which is on trying to know how you will ensure the fairness of the AI-generated challenges, and what measures are in place to prevent manipulation or bias in the reward distribution process?

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