Tronlink wallet

Hi all!

I need to contact the TronLink Wallet team. I have created tickets multiple times and mailed them multiple times, but have received no response. It’s related to a token price update bug…

Any ideas?


Try @fabsltsa maybe he might help you solve the bug.


Is it about Tronlink or Tronscan?

If Tronlink, do you have a pool on Sunswap with at least 100k of liquidity?
Is the price visible but incorrect?

If Tronscan, is your token price tracked by CoinGecko or CMC?

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It’s about Tronlink Pro wallet, both mobile and extensions for browsers.

We don’t have liquidity of 100k and never had on Tronlink

Few weeks ago prior updates price was correct and now even it is correct if you look for the details of the token but not reflected to list at the moment

For Tronscan you can have view of the price and the volume etc, moreover yes listed on CMC, CG and many more as well as 4 CEXes


Normally a token, in order to have its price reflected in Tronlink wallet, needs to have a $100k liquidity pool on Sunswap. That’s what I’ve always been said. You can ask @binulaj to see with the team what’s going on. But the price might get simply removed for your token if you don’t have such a pool. Unless there is a way to show the price in Tronlink without that requirement. I know some tokens like Nole, KODX,… have their price reflected without having that big liquidity on Sunswap but I’m clueless about the reason. If you have more info about that I’m interested to know as well.