Trustree - Measure, report, verify and fund forestation projects with digital transparency

Project Name: Trustree
Project Track: Eco-Friendly
Team Name: Trustree
Team Member(s): 2 @beastdeveloper @preposty
Dorahacks Project Link: Trustree | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: Connect businesses with verified tree planting projects to restore our planet.

Project Info:

Trustree is a scalable open platform that allows forest projects of any size, from around world, to measure, report, verify and fund their projects with digital transparency.

Trustree_presentation.pdf (3.7 MB)

Project Website:
Project Test Instructions:

  • Visit our website
  • Connect your wallet and select the Nile Testnet network
  • First of all, you can create a new project on the platform
  • By creating a project, an NFT 1155 token is created
  • With two other accounts, you can handle test verification of the project
  • After that, the Trustree team will carry out its verification and then project will become available for funding
  • You can also act as a validator and verify other projects on the platform
  • Or fund some project if it has completely passed the verification

Project Details:


Trustree is a scalable open platform that allows forest projects of any size, from around world, to measure, report, verify and fund their projects with digital transparency.

Through Trustree, individuals, communities, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and governments are able to create transparent, immutable, proof-of-impact data that is comprehensively verified by a network of independent experts.

The main goal of the Trustree platform is to give people involved in forest planting projects the opportunity to attract funding from all over the world, and potential investors to gain confidence in the project through decentralization and triple verification.


Verification in Trustree takes place in 3 stages.

At the first stage of verification, one of the independent validators checks the correctness of the information provided and writes a small review of the project.
At the second stage of verification, the validator needs to travel to the project location and, in addition to the review, also provides photo and video files.
And at the third stage, the Trustree team collects and finalizes all the data and makes a decision on project verification.
Verified projects will be able to receive funding from independent investors.

All data on verifications, reviews, media files and, in general, all information on each project is stored decentralized on the Tron blockchain and IPFS.

Target users

Project operators
Access digital MRV tools and financing needed to protect and scale your forest projects.

Ensure forests are thriving by leveraging blockchain technology and collective expertise.

Funding partners
Directly support Trustree development and forest projects all around the world.

Key features

We make sure all forestation projects around the world, both big and small, have access to our digital platform.

By recording all data and transactions on the blockchain, we achieve a level of transparency never before seen in the forestation industry.

Trustree fully decentralized, meaning new solutions to address climate change can be built quickly using Trustree as the foundation.

Transparent, truthful and eligible forestation projects can get access to carbon financing when the MRV process is successful.

Smart Contract links:

Trustree 1155 NFT (Nile Testnet)

Trustree Token ‘TRT’ (Nile Testnet)

Project Milestones:

Trustree One: During these two months, we managed to make an interesting project and make great progress in understanding the needs in the eco sector. We managed to implement the first version of the project, make a website and write two smart contracts.

Trustree Two: In April and May, our goal is to release the project on the Mainnet, finish developing the platform and start interacting with users.


Welcome to the tron grand hackathon, i wish you all the best.

It is said when the last tree dies the last man also dies, this clearly shows the importance of trees to mankind.

So my question is, is your platform only open to people creating a forest or it is also open to people who like planting trees as in terms of afforestation.??


Bienvenido a este S4, es importante la forestación, pero también es causa de los incendios provocados por intereses políticos, demostrados en imágenes fidedignas en España y Portugal.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wishing you all the best

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Welcome to Season 4, good looking on your project.

How will Trustree ensure the accuracy and validity of the data collected through satellite imagery, and how will it deal with potential errors or inaccuracies?

Hello and thank you for your words and question!

Our platform is open to projects of any size. Therefore, a whole forest and a small project with a few trees will work well.


At the moment we have not thought about using satellite imagery. Thanks a lot for the idea.

Verification of any project data will also take place in 3 stages with the help of independent expert validators.


Thanks for the clarification and wishing you all the best

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I love your main idea and project name.
Good luck, wishing you the best!

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Do you mind sharing the three (3) stages involved

Guys I love your description ! All the best :evergreen_tree:

Welcome to Hackathon season 4. I do admire your project. I wish you best of luck.

Hi @beastdeveloper Welcome to S4 of the TRON Hackathon!

Great project in Trustree, i had some questions i was hoping to get some insight from you on about the project:

  1. Can you walk through the process of a forest project applying for verification and funding on Trustree?

  2. How do you ensure that the platform remains decentralized and open to all forest projects around the world?

Hello, thank you, yes of course, I’ll be happy to answer any questions. The application process is quite simple. Any forest project can create NFT with all the information on the project. After that, the project immediately appears on the platform. But in order to receive funding, the project must go through 3 stages of verification, from independent validators and from the Trustree team. After that, the project can be funded by any user of the platform.

On the second question, I can say with confidence that to be and remain decentralized is our main task. All processes, starting with the creation of projects, verifications and ending with raising money for projects, are carried out on-chain. All metadata, including pictures and descriptions of projects and all passed verifications, are stored decentralized on IPFS.


This project will certainly help us to keep track of our vegetation. We can track our trees in a particular forest. Welcome to Hackathon s4 and I wish you all the best.

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This season have a lot of projects based on tree. As a teacher who live in Switzerland, I loved that atmosphore. Improve your project with great UI and technical capability :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:

Such a wonderful project. Wishing you all the best guys

It’s great that you present it to us with a great idea and a wonderfully simple design. Is it possible to add a dark mode to your site? Because plain white is a little too eye-catching. Other than that everything is perfect. I wish your team good luck :heart: :heart:

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This entry is a project-donation aggregation platform. It relies heavily on oracles to validate forestation activities. The competition entry does not address how this validation can be done better on TRON than a normal website, which is a key issue with the viability of this project.

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