Ujjo - NFC wallet cards

Hello! NFC wallet cards use the same wallet creation mechanism as TronLink. Therefore, in the base case, it is not required to comply with KYC and AML requirements to create an NFC wallet card.
In the case of selling NFC wallet cards for fiat money, the seller is responsible for complying with KYC and AML requirements.


It’s an interesting project. All the best.


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Buena aclaración, es un buen proyecto.

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I find it an interesting approach.

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How will UJJO ensure that the NFC wallet cards are not being used for illegal activities, given that KYC and AML compliance is not required to create an NFC wallet card?

Good evening! Ujjo does not guarantee that NFC cards will not be used for illegal purposes.
The application provides the ability to create and read a wallet on an NFC card, but the card is not a means of payment like a bank card (at least for now).

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If as part of the process you can check the integrity of other cards, you deserve some commendation …

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Thanks for clarifying, this sure helps.

Added the opportunity to work with various tokens (in the Tron blockchain)



Project goal seems interesting. Waiting for more project info. Keep building

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You can contact @TuruGlobal @JustMoney @TronNinjas and others to add their token🙏🏻

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Added the opportunity to view and save the private key when creating and reading a card



Greetings @qwerty123 ! Your project seems to be missing details on:

DoraHacks Project Link:
Project Info:
Smart Contract Links:

Please add them to your project. Thank you!

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Good morning!
Data written to NFC card (json):

/*private key encrypted or not (user selects)*/
   "crc":"9922b268", //crc for the key (the private key is always checked in decrypted form).
 /*If the key is encrypted, then when the user enters the password, the correspondence between 
    the decrypted crc key and the given crc is checked. 
    Encryption method: AES.*/
   "secure":"true", //flag indicating whether the private key is encrypted or not
   "contracts":[ //list of tokens that will be shown in the wallet

Not enough update given, but I’m sure you would give more as we go forward?

I have tested this with one of our blank Sorrel Cards and can confirm that it does work fine when writing to card :zap: :zap:

Proof of working via NFC Tools

However, I have noticed that sometimes when I click scan card in my Chrome for Android that it crashes the browser, then when I reopen it says page not found via Netlify. Clicking back < in Chrome and trying again works though, its able to read what was written to the card.