Unclaimed - Fall of Mankind

but none of them are available on the steam game? one of them you provide even from my prev team, and they’re still waiting for situation, and some of them who push the release have removed their blockchain feature.

that’s why i was curious with your statement, i thought it has changed based from your information but instead it was misleading information.

also what do you mean integration as natural as possible? do you mean custody ?
and, what kind of example integration that make it complicated?

I am on macOS, so i cannot test it. but from the video, i know it’s not cheap game but now leading to other question.

  1. How do you compete to other RTS game? what make your game can have “competitor advantage” ?

  2. What if your game is popular on steam WL.
    Will you follow other game to remove the blockchain capability? and push forward publishing your game ?


Below is a long list of both “released” and “not released games yet” on Steam with some Blockchain integration. PS! We have nothing to do with any of these games on the list.

As for your two points

  1. As answered previously “There are a lot of fantastic games out there and we are gamers before we became developers and we love to play many different kind of games, there is always room for more good games. The answer is the same as in point 1 our main focus has always been to build a fun game to play for gamers. As for the question about how we will be differentiating ourselves, we feel like we have hit good on the atmosphere of the game, combined with fun gameplay and a rocking post apocalyptic story which will give gamers the urge to try out and continue playing UnClaimed. Add seamless Blockchain connection to the mix and we feel like we have a hit (we are biased so don’t take our words for it, just test the game”

  2. If and when that’s the case we do as we always have done and advocate for what we believe in, and we do believe Blockchain has a big place in the future of gaming economy.

Info regarding UC’s Blockchain integration

Steam Blockchain games, few examples


i can see the list of steam list with that tag blockchain
i already checkin them out 1by1 long ago as I mentioned one of the game from my prev team is in the list. Maybe i will check again.

which i also i mentioned some of those game that being on released has removed their blockchain capability :slight_smile: and those tags INFORMATIONAL that havent been updated regarding to their actual status. You can pick one of released game like shogun curse, have removed their blockchain system to push their publishment.

So as i mentioned again as well.
None of the actual blockchain game is running production in the steam.

and hoping the team dont ditch the blockchain system when it is popular on steam wishlist just to push the game into steam ecosystem. well but it depends on what’s your priority as well.

good luck sir


We appreciate you taking the time to ask questions and raise important points, we can only progress in the right way with constructive criticism. We are very transparent in our approach, and we have done a lot of searching and asking before making our decision. Good luck with your project as well :slight_smile:


Looks like a great add to the shop!


your not lousy you are practicing your practice. I think you are lulling them to sleep for the pounce!


Welcome guys look sick !

Need to explore more what you guys offer !


You are having real fun bro !

@Unclaimed will be epic indeed


Can’t wait to see it go live !


Good luck, guys! When will people see and value a great team like Babyturu? :grinning:


When are we expecting a mobile version


I’m interested in this game how can I join playing. I’m a gamer


Hi Demiean,

Please visit our Telegram test group, where we always upload a link to the latest version of the game…


This game will first have a fully developed desktop version before we move to a mobile game version


Thanks, will check out this game. Games to avoid depression


Good luck Unclaimed team🔥
Have to make some time to play soon😉


See you in the Battlefield SanderE :gun::grin::call_me_hand:


We are happy to bring the news that the Unclaimed team will be adding the $BBT token into the game, making it possible to buy in game assets with the OG Meme token from TuruGlobal, BabyTuru ($BBT)


sweet game! got it downloaded.


hi Unclaimed.
I wanna ask: how to evaluate the addition of sponsored content/advertising in the store? as a type of monetization at the initial stage or as a partnership / collaboration with these projects?