Poker Peak, The Peak of Gambling 🎰

Project Name: Poker Peak

Project Track: artistry
Team Name: Peaky Players

Team Member(s): @poker_man @Juggernaut

DevPost Project Link: [Link to your DevPost project page]

Project Goal:
Creating a secure platform for amazing gameplay :video_game:. We address major issues like asset ownership and fairness, which are often overlooked in existing systems.

Project Info:
Welcome to Poker Peak, where skill meets true randomness :game_die:. Harness the power of blockchain technology for an unbeatable poker experience.

Project Website: to be added

Project Test Instructions: to be added

Project Details:

Game Implementation: Implemented using a pseudo-state machine architecture on a smart contract, ensuring structured and dynamic gameplay :arrows_counterclockwise:.
Randomness Assurance: Utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques (Affine Cipher) to ensure true randomness in card shuffling :lock:.
State Emission: Continuous state emission allows for real-time updates, creating an immersive and synchronized gaming environment :satellite:.
Transaction-based Gameplay: Seamless flow of transactions keeps the server and players in sync throughout the game :arrows_counterclockwise:.
Smart Contract Links: to be added

Project Milestones: to be added

A feedback loop where the game’s state is maintained on-chain, ensuring transparency and fairness. The server and players interact with this state, making transactions that are recorded and relayed, ensuring the game’s integrity remains intact until completion :link:.

Card Security:

Encrypted Deck: An encrypted deck is posted to the contract, which is used throughout the game.
Shuffling and Emission: Post-shuffling, an event emits an array corresponding to specific users, ensuring that even if the server acts maliciously, the integrity of the card distribution remains protected :shield:.

Asset Ownership: Players maintain control over their assets throughout the game, enhancing trust and engagement :trophy:.
Immutability: Changes in game state are recorded and emitted at every stage, providing a transparent record of all game actions :scroll:.
Fairness: The deck generation is entirely unpredictable, with the server maintaining the private keys secretly until game completion, ensuring fairness :dart:.
Progress Till Now:

The game’s smart contract is fully functional and deployed. Check out the deployed demo on the testnet here.
Frontend and server development are underway.
Future Goals:

UI Design: Achieve full responsiveness in UI design for optimal user experience across all devices :iphone:.
EVM Compatibility: Ensure full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine for wider blockchain interaction and adoption :earth_africa:.
Decentralized Dealers: Enable users to serve as dealers and host their own game rooms, decentralizing control and participation :handshake:.
Token System: Implement a stable token system for in-game transactions and player rewards :moneybag:.
Matchmaking System: Integrate a secure and efficient matchmaking system to enhance player connectivity and game dynamics :arrows_counterclockwise:.


Welcome team, waiting for updates


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6
Please kindly update your submission as soon as possible, looking at your brief intro your project seems to fit in on web3 or artistry


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6 waiting for your update.


Kindly check the track, there is no gamifi track this season. You are too choose artistry instead


Welcome to Tron hackathon season 6 team poker peak.
We kindly await updates from your team


Hey thank you for the greetings… Happy to be here with our project…:people_hugging:

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Yes will be updating that.

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Thank you, I have updated the project info, please go tru it…:wink:


Lovely, thank you for having us here…

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Thank you for the great gesture,
we have updated the info kindly go through it please.

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After updating I think your website is still missing, … I like the way that your :video_game: is based on EVM compatible,…I would love to know if you have any plans on launching game on mobile app? Apart from rewarding users with stable coin do you also have a plan to create a utility token for your game and also reward users with it?

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Mmmm interesting one, hoping to see more updates from team :raised_hands:

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Thanks for the interest appreciate it :heart:

Thanks for reply, will br updating the website very soon.

No, we dont have amy plans to make an app anytime soon.

Yeah we will be launching the platform token in phase 2,will also be updating milestones and roadmap for the project. Stay tuned mate :wink:

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Thanks for the response, all the best as you continue to build,… what of the tokenomics is it now available?

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Your project entry still reads gamefi while the project track reads artistry. Can you fix this up to avoid disqualification


Coming to your project submission, I understood this to be a poker game platform for BTTC community :grinning: This sound so amazing to me. Over a couple of time ago, I have become a fan of poker game and it makes me feel bad in knowing that no project on Tron and BTTC have dedicated time to look into building one for the community. Sometime ago, the TronNinjas team hosted a poker tournament in one platform like that which I participated, though the tournament was poorly participated by Tronics, I observed it was because of poor knowledge in poker. Some Tronics usually goes “All-In” when the have the worst of pairs :joy: So I will like to know how you planned to address this situation to ensure that the community understand the basics of poker


Is there any gameplay example. I am a big poker fan and would be interested to see how it looks like.


Welcome to Season 6, glad to see your project centred around poker.

What measures are in place to prevent cheating or collusion among players?