Poker Peak, The Peak of Gambling 🎰

We are really Happy that you are interested in out project.:grinning::grinning::grinning::champagne:
and such love from you all is amazing,

coming back to it, When it was build for compatible for the EVM it was designed on a rollup making it cheap to maintain a state machine on chain. Since on Tron its a L1 so having state-machine on chain will be very energy expensive here at TRON.

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Sorry, for now we don’t have a game play but will be rolling out a video in reference to that soon.
We’ll tag you when that pops up.

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Welcome to the Hackathon, I like poker, please tell me how do you handle players that are from different backgrounds and regions, thank you

**We do this via **

  1. Language Considerations: this could be implemented via multiple language suporting
  2. Fair Play and Equal Opportunities: this is allready implented using affine cypher and commit reveal protocol,(providing security and fairness)
  3. Celebrating Diversity: having tournaments and much more
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Aye, anticipating when you roll out that video.
Feeling hyped about it already.

This is a really good step by step move, thank you for sharing this with me, it is good to be inclusive to diversity

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Welcome to forum “Peaky Players” team.
I like the concept of your project, but it looks like you abandoned it because so many details are missing.
I’m waiting for news from you

Hello, yes we did abandon it, reason , a lot of changes to be mage to make it tron compatable… we will be coming back next year with the same concept… with better reach, thank you for the support,
one can say this was a way to get a view how the community would react to this…