UpDawg - A Decentralized Proof of Reserve token

UpDawg - A Decentralized Proof of Reserve token

Project Name: UpDawg

Project Track: DeFi

Team Name: uDawgDAO

Team Member(s): 2, @astitv @AiMAce

Project Goal:
UpDawg AiM is to provide the blockchain industry with first of its kind, a crypto derivative of TRX.

UpDawg Proof of Reserve protects HODLers value in an up-trend manner.

Rewards HODLers for HODLing.

Project Info:

Website - https://udawg.org/

Twitter - twitter.com/udawgdao

Project Repo: GitHub

UpDawg DECK.pdf (7.4 MB)

Project Details:
UpDawg is a Decentralised Deflationary Trustless Proof of Reserve TRC20 smart contract.

UpDawg was deployed on 1st October 2022 on TRON Blockchain with Launchpad in effect. UpDawg Launchpad’s purpose was to set the initial price against 1 TRX for commencement of dawgDEX.

The dawgDEX allows HODLers to exchange UDAWG against TRX. Supply of UDAWG tokens are only minted when an HODLer deposits TRX into the UpDawg smart contract only through dawgDEX.

Whenever a HODLer sells their UDAWG on dawgDEX, the UDAWG amount entered by the HODLer is burned and equivalent TRX amount is transferred to the HODLer.

Every UDAWG on-chain exchange transaction has taxation. The exchange TAX will be adjusted automatically depending on the UpDawg TRX Reserve targets.

The TAX is distributed between - uDawgDAO, HODLsupply & BURN. UDAWG HODLers can claim reward from the HODLsupply of their HODL share.

Exchange UDAWG/TRX :

Go to udawg.org :arrow_right: connect TronLink wallet :arrow_right: BUY, Sell, Claim, Donate or Burn UDAWG


If u came for the hackathon then u r quite late and would have to come back in season 4, but if it is to advertise your wonderful project, then you are in the right place.


Yes, this is a advertise for our project


Ok great, will check it out to see how it works.


Hola, gracias por presentar su proyecto, lo revisaré y miraré el funcionamiento.