VideoTRON by Team Ignitus

Could turn out to be an interesting product for all creatives out there. Anyway the project website seems to not be opening for me, can i fix that? and how? all the very best anyways!!

It is heard that TRON is supported in more than 20 different wallets including TronLink, Huobi, Trust, Cobo etc. As we are a small team, rushing to complete the project before the Hackathon deadline, we could not test our site on many wallets.

Please unlock your TronLink wallet and then click on the URL to see the NFTs you can “play” with the “Open” button.

You are very much welcome

Thanks for the response all the best

okay got it, I too had the exact same issue.

Cool Project!!
If you are looking to Scale your project then I would love to collaborate!!

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Here is a glimpse:-

Project Name: The Existential Dread Launchpad
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Team TED
Team Member: BlurryFace04

Devpost Project Link:

Project Goal: Simplify the creation of memecoins on the Tron network while addressing liquidity concerns.

Project Value:TED is a memecoin launchpad on the Tron network. It simplifies the process, allowing anyone to easily create their own memecoin. TED utilizes a bonding curve to address initial liquidity concerns and automatically transfers liquidity to a DEX upon reaching a certain market cap.

Project Info:

Project Website:


Project Test Instructions:

  1. Make sure your tronlink wallet is set to Nile Testnet
  2. Go to our website:
  3. On the explore page checkout the memecoins developed by other users
  4. Click on one of them to view the trading options and the chart, e.g.:
  5. Launch your memecoin into the cosmic void by filling out these basic details about your memecoin:
  6. You can even edit your profile and view the memecoins that you have launched:

Project Details:
Video Demo:


Smart Contract links:
LinearBondingCurveFactory: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
LinearBondingCurve: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Upcoming Milestones:

  1. Gain initial users testing TED on testnet
  2. Launch on Mainnet
  3. Integrate with a DEX to provide actual liquidity to a memecoin when it reaches a marketcap of $69,000.

Thank you for your offer to collaborate.

Please connect with me on linkedin and we can take this discussion forward.

Please Dm me your LinkedIn ID ser.

I had already provided my linkedin Id in an earlier message. This platform does not permit me to post it again but wants you to cross-check the 10th message in this thread.

Alternately, you could provide your linkedin profile.

dude please stop spamming your project everywhere, you can send private message to people to check your proejct

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