I’m sure you have heard of the term RUGPULL, but have y’all heard of DELAYED RUGPULL?
Proceed with care, LONG POST AHEAD. I will make sure this is all worthwhile reading.

His Excellency Justin Sun once mentioned about how 2022 is going to be THE year for his blockchain baby (TRON) in NFT and GameFi projects - Further revolutionizing the industry and bringing playing games to another level - which has started by the Play-to-Earn pioneer, perhaps we could all agree to Axie Infinity.

Once NOT a believer of NFT or GameFi, but then one day I woke up and decided why not give play-to-earn a try. Was making research on play-to-earn games in Tron via playtoearn.net, and I remember Cukies World trending and standing firmly on #1 spot. With few digging of info and all of that, unfroze few of my TRX and banked on its NFTs, Cukies.

…and it all went downwards after that.

The Problems:

  1. No communication with the English community, which I believe, holds the biggest pie in terms of investors.

  2. Lies after lies, redefining RUGPULL to the whole lot of new level.

  3. Sold NFTs on Tron, recently announced to have ICO on Binance.
    – You trying to rug us Tron investors once, now you going to Binance to rugpull Binance investors on ICO?

  4. Devs assumed with confidence that their game will give big amount of exposure to TRON in a positive way.
    – Really now

  5. Said Cukies World is the First Play-to-Earn game in Tron and there are existing and running P2E games in Tron already.

Details of the problems and of what has happened:

  • 12,000 Original Cuki NFTs allocated for preselling.

  • Cuki devs promised to release beta test version on or before 31 October 2021 regardless of how much the number of preselling Cukies are minted.

  • Cuki devs changed statement that they will release the beta test version on or before 31 December 2021, said they needed more time for multinational marketing.
    – At the time I think the total Cukies minted was roughly around 6,000 out of 12,000 total.
    – Breaking the roadmap for the first time, we as investors was like “alright, we should give them a chance to plan for a big marketing campaign for the next wave of investors”.
    – The preselling ended early Q1 2022 for your reference.

  • Cuki devs changed the statement again, but this time, they said they will release the 3-D version of the game on or before Q1 of 2022, and made alibis which are all bullcrap.
    – Released Cuki staking for Cuki points which will allow us to breed two FREE Cuki babies
    ---- Only unlocked ONE BREEDING and delayed without any notice
    ---- Recently, they announced their game creating a clone version in Binance and will unlock the other free BREEDING there

The next alibis are obvious here now.

  • The game is further delayed for devs to test Binance clone

  • Preparing Cukies World in-game tokens (UKI) ICO.

Called them out on telegram channel (telegram handle: @cukiesworld) and this dev JMP (telegram handle @accesovip123) was furious and asked for apology. I should apologize? You never apologized to any of your investors! That pride of yours will one day bring you down. Oh, I got the BAN too from the channel for exposing their rugpull scheme.

Beware of the following:

  1. The company https://3fera.com/

  2. Head of MLM multi-level marketing, Gustavo (telegram handle gustavo_prieto)

  3. One of the brains behind this rugpull scheme, Rafael (telegram handle rafaelponton)

  4. The mastermind, Pirello (telegram handle accesovip123)

Next level rugpulling scheme. It has to stop now and be punished by local law :joy:


ohh that’s too bad, althought if i saw it coming, i hardly knew about the project and seeing the implemented modality of entering to buy was with a referral, from there they raised my suspicions, so i never invested in that and now that you mention everything happened, my intuition this time did not fail again


Thanks for info @Janitor


Thanks for the infotmation.


Esta muy seguro de lo que dice. Supongo que de ser mentira estara dispuesto hacer una disculpa pública.

Soy inversor de Cukies world y muchas de las cosas que afirma son falsas. Entiendo que hay grupos que banean a la gente que solo hace daño al projecto, en la comunidad hispana se ha baneado a gente por intentar daño al projecto y crear polémica desde dentro la comunidad.

El proyecto ha pasado por muchas fases, evoluciones y cambios y siempre ha habido comunicación entre ambas parte, algunas veces más y otras menos, pero no se ha abandonado el projecto. También cabe decir que la comunidad anglosajona es muy pasiva comparado con la hispana.


Thanks for info , rugpulls can be brutal

I wonder if there has been any updates on this

Thanks i learnt something new today
Nice post

Hoy empezará testeo de juego de cukies world - Chit Chat - TRON DAO Forum

Hola, ya hace algún tiempo que leí su artículo, no quise escribirle esperando el momento adecuado para que usted mismo rectificará su escrito.
No sin antes decir que lo que ha planteado en su mayoría no es verdad, todo el mundo puede seguir la trayectoria, puede entrar en los grupos de telegram, tanto español como inglés, observar el recorrido de toda la construcción del proyecto, puede informarse sobre los amas, ver vídeos e interactúar en Twitter donde siempre se dan las últimas noticias, también dispone de discord.
Espero que a partir de ahora antes de hacer declaraciones tan nefastas sobre proyectos y personas, tenga la amabilidad de investigar sobre la información que va a contar a otros.
Cuando alguien invierte en un proyecto, debe saber que un papel en blanco es flexible, se está creando un juego muy extenso el cual debe probarse, no deja de ser una inversión a largo plazo.
LO MÁS IMPORTANTE. No invierta lo que no está dispuesto a perder.

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