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hi everyone, i am abhijeet singh, expert in software development. your project, mapx, needs your help. we recently did an enclosed beta launch, and people are loving it. you can check out our whitepaper.

if you are an artist, have crypto projects, firms, communities, or retail businesses, please consider dropping your email in this forum or contact us at mapx. we will contact you right away.

why artists should join mapx

artists can use mapx to tokenize both physical and digital artworks. they can then give these artworks away or auction them off through the platform. mapx offers an intuitive user interface.

why crypto projects, firms, and communities should join mapx

our main audience is crypto projects, firms, and communities. they can choose to mint nfts on mapx that are tied to physical locations, allowing players to collect them at those locations. these nfts can have future economic or sentimental value. this serves firms as a marketing tool to help engage their respective communities, providing an element of gamification to their projects.

our audience can also mint nfts for special events at certain locations. an example is the kaiju kings community meetup in singapore, where holders of the kaiju kings nft were invited to a party with free food and drinks. these event nfts can provide additional incentives for crypto communities to gather at a location. we foresee an increase in crypto adoption in the future, leading to the emergence of both large and small communities.

why retail businesses should join mapx

retail businesses can utilize the mapx platform as a marketing tool to drive foot traffic. they do this by issuing nft vouchers. businesses can set up a redemption point in or near their stores. all they need to do is shake their phone with the mapx app on tablets or smartphones, and a token will be marked as used. this reduces the operating costs associated with needing a spare tablet or smartphone. consumers can then spend the nft, effectively “burning” it. on top of nft vouchers, businesses can also issue nft collectibles and art pieces. compared to traditional marketing tools, mapx provides several advantages to businesses.

guaranteed foot traffic/high conversion rate

since consumers have already made the effort to redeem the nft vouchers physically, they are highly likely to spend those vouchers on the spot. for example, hungry players would scan the mapx app for possible food deals and redeem the nft voucher that offers the highest utility or suits their taste preferences. they would then use those vouchers on the spot to make purchases from businesses.

this guarantees foot traffic to the store. minimally, players would be exposed to the underlying brand and its products. optimally, players will be converted to customers through sales. having physically visited the store also reduces consumer resistance, such as difficulty navigating to the store or a mismatch between product expectation and reality.

low cost and effective marketing

mapx promotes businesses for free through the browse function, where users can search the map for possible nfts to redeem. in the mapx pricing model, businesses are charged for minting new nfts. since voucher redemption is highly correlated with conversion, businesses are essentially only charged for successful conversions. this reduces costs associated with traditional marketing and is time-efficient.

thank you for considering joining mapx. please feel free to reach out with any questions or to get started.

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From your explanation where does I fall under?

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okay then here i am
i knew there is someone who care about me.

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Hi Ines_valerie, why don’t you onboard as a partner business? As an initial business, you will earn rewards. You would be one of our early adopters, and our enthusiastic community would welcome you.

Our team will connect you with our business portal (currently in progress) website, where you could mint NFTs at the location of your hair styling business. You can select any NFTs you want that represent your style, including 3D NFTs, etc. That NFT would then be geo-located and placed into the MapX application, which will drive foot traffic to your business.

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Yes I like everything you just explain now and I really believe it will help my business to grow but how do I get started, thank you

Good initiative, best of luck

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Awesome idea :heart: I will try it out today.
I have 1 company that I’m helping out finding new ways to get new costumers.
It’s a Thai Food Restaurant. How can we participate?