Web3 Security Best Practices in a Bear 🐻 Market

Hey TRON fam,

As you all are building in bear market I wanted share some resources with you all. In order for us to get to a place where our DApps are secure, code is functional, and TRON continues to be a safe ecosystem for builds, we need to audit as we build.

Every developer should implore on smart contract auditing. It reduces overhead costs of audits and bug bounties, and it allows for a more secure decentralized future. Here is our guide from Rektify AI on Smart Contract Auditing Demystified

Here are some Youtube videos I’ve found extremely help on my auditing journey:

Youtube Videos

Even people with non-auditing backgrounds can begin auditing contracts. Some auditing techniques include:

  • Fuzzing
  • Unit testing via Hardhat, Foundry
  • Code Analyses tools via Securify2, Slither, Mythril
  • Manual Auditing (The best way to audit is to emulate a hacker)

Check us out, :star: the repo and comment below if this has been helpful!


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Update: We’ve updated reports to the repo so folks can now see past audit reports to get an idea what the common high-low severity vulnerabilities are found in smart contracts.

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Thanks for sharing useful resources on smart contract auditing. I appreciate the effort to make it accessible and I am eager to learn more about web3. I will check out the recommended YouTube videos and the Rektify AI guide. Thank you!:heart:

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