Welcome to TRON Grand Hackathon - HackaTRON Season 5

When was the submission made?
Maybe you submitted after deadline

Although there are still 33 days, there are very good projects, I hope that there will be many more to come. I was following the DeFi category with interest, and I was waiting for new projects every day. TRON hackathon is really top quality.

The submission deadline was 5 days ago so it’s unlikely that more projects join the competition.
That will be for seasons 6 which should be close to BTC halving. That will probably motivate builders to jump in web3.


Hoping to see alot of projects this season and diverse contribution from the community this season also.
All we need is fireworks

submission ended, we have more than 90 projects now. Pre selection ongoing, let’s wait and see which projects qualify

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:wave: Hey everyone, I’m from Blend (Artificial Track)!

While waiting for the pre selection period to end, feel free to watch our demo video on YouTube ~ You will definitely amazed by the tech behind.

We spent a lot of time preparing this video to explain the concept and idea of Blend, and also demonstrate how Blend can be integrated into your next Tron blockchain game. As Blend is built with complex AI technology, our team knows that the video will be a bit lengthy, but you definitely can learn a lot from our project.

Let me know in the comment section how you think after watching it~ Enjoy!

Click here to Blend’s project post


Nice presentation, fam let’s check it out

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I did watch the video again and one thing I noticed this time is the option of subtitle, I know how tedious getting subtitles within a limited time frame could be, so I’d like to know how you manage to get the subtitles in so quick

And secondly, I must confess that the process of transforming real-life gamers into playable game characters using Blend still is very confusing to me, thank you!

Hi @manfred_jr, our team had prepared a transcript for the entire 10 mins demo video and using AI syncing to perfectly sync to the video. So do choose the readily prepared version of subtitles to have the best error free watching experience.

And also very sorry to hear that you’re actually confusing about the pipeline. As we are in the AI track and we do really wanna explain in details our research process. But it’s normal to feel like that for a totally beginner as face reconstruction is always a hard topic in the AI field.

However, Blend is just a toolbox, hence the product developed using Blend will always have some sort of abstraction for the BTS, and will sure be user friendly. Feel free to see the demo we built by using Blend to onboard user in the video~ you will have a good idea on this point.

Hahahaha it will be fire upon fire. Brace yourself for what is to come.

The Lighter is ready
The gas station will get busy soon

All the best to all projects

Ok, got that loud and clear, thanks for replying.

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Hey Everyone,

We’ve invested our hearts and countless hours in crafting “Thoughts” on the Tron blockchain. It’s a game-changer for content creators, and it’s finally here on Tron. Watch our video at ThoughtsDemo on Vimeo to see what we’ve built and help us make it even better.

“Thoughts” is all about granting creators the freedom and control they truly deserve, ensuring content remains intact and tamper-proof, and enabling creators to earn their fair share without intermediaries taking a slice. It’s a game-changer in the realm of decentralized blogging!

Your support and feedback are precious to us. We’re eager to hear your thoughts, answer your queries, and address any comments you might have. Together, we can transform “Thoughts” into the go-to platform for creators and readers seeking an open and equitable space for content.


Guess what and let the massive pump begins

Do we already know the judges for season 5 hackathon? Are the judges also going to ask questions during the judging period at the project pages?

Thank you in advance and I wish everyone the best :blush:


yeh i remeber last time one of the judge was asking questions from each project!But i dont remember his name!
ALso can anyone tell if the judges in every hackatron are same or they keep changing at every hackathon?


Are the results of pre qualification rounds out?
If the results are announced how can I see which teams have been selected?


The judge for this season 5 has been revealed


Most of judges are the same season after season.

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