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Sounds simple but unfortunately these points did not lead to success for me.

yes it is hope to gte more here can you tell me how to get level 1

great forum, so many interesting things to read

fake forum dont count time properly poor services

Amazing season! Thank you Trondao

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I’m loving Tron, it’s really cool

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Nice post, this is very interesting

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Thank you TRONDAO Forum

this is great. maybe i should read a bit more about it

:rotating_light:We Need Your Voice. Cast your vote on TronDao & Devpost now! :rotating_light:

You have asked and we delivered.

Lately, we submitted NFTmall as a participant in the Tron DAO Hackathon.

We’re confident that together with our lovely community, we can score first place. We are launching a long-awaited newly added feature today!

We made NFT Collections minting easier, simpler and popular in just a few clicks! you can now mint any ERC721 NFT Collection on https://bttc.nftmall.io!:eyes:

Plus we’ve prepared a handy tutorial for you. Check this out. :point_right:

:fire:VOTE for NFTmall! Make us secure the first place and win the Hackathon prize.

:v:Your vote matters.

:hourglass_flowing_sand:Only 1 day left until Public Voting Ends. (Tomorrow 11th Aug at 5:00 PM EDT)

:ballot_box_with_check:Choose #N22 to vote for NFTmall

Thank you for supporting us. :pray:

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I will be looking out for developments relating to the Tron blockchain for sure. It is a very promising blockchain with lots of potential for success.

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You summed it up very well. It was very helpful to me as a beginner. thank you



Outstanding Forum , let’s just say…I’m pleased as punch and need to learn more.Power to the community.

Thanks for this interactive project

This is really good ecosystem to bring Tron users together :tada::muscle::rocket::rocket:

This is great for the tron ecosystem