What to know about holding your crypto in Wallet

Please note: in crypto if you hold your coins and tokens in a crypto wallet, that wallet becomes your own bank. You own the keys to that bank and have a sole responsibility to protect that bank

Secondly, you are the manager of your funds. So how funds move in and out depends on you.

Apart from the security provided by the wallet provider, you are also a security to see to it that you do not expose your keys on the internet.

This is part one, part two will follow soon.
Stay safe


Beside the private key directly leaked (in a google form or by storing them on an email address that can be hacked for instance), people should be aware about the malicious smart contracts and only use contracts that they can trust (e.g. projects that have been around for a while or trying to trigger a contract with a dummy wallet that only holds few trx). Then we can add all the ponzis that let you think you will get huge returns (1% daily or joke like that) and will rug you after few days, weeks. The telegram bots that let you make deposits but no withdrawals, the spam transactions (0 usdt, 0.1 usdt, 0.000001 usdt…), the fake tron cloud minings (trx can NOT be mined!),…

I advise people to watch the video made by @moneyversac on scam tokens and google docs (link somewhere on the forum ^^) and more content should be released by trondao in the future.


Thank you so much, part was going to include some of these. Thanks for adding up bro

Great tips mate, try to keep your funds in a cold wallet instead of CEX. With the recent event of FTX trust is really dwindling in the crypto space

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Thank you bro and thanks for adding up

Thanks for sharing this information with us

@moneyversac provides quality content and i love his videos, no sugarcoating, just pure truth