Your chance to WIN 1,000 TRX with NRG affiliates


Welcome to TronNRG’s Affiliate Summer Bonanza! This June, we’re introducing an unbeatable opportunity to all our dedicated affiliates and we want YOU to join us.

The TronNRG June Challenge is here! This is your chance to elevate your referral game and compete against the best. Be ready to climb up our exclusive leaderboard and claim your rightful spot at the top.

Here’s the deal: The affiliate who secures the most referrals by TRX value by the end of June will earn a monumental bonus of 1,000 TRX!

That’s right! An astonishing 1,000 TRX could be all yours. But that’s not all. Experience the thrill of competition, the sense of accomplishment, and earn your recognition as the top player in the TronNRG community.

With our live leaderboard, keep an eye on your progress, see where you rank among your peers and stay driven throughout the contest. Remember, every referral matters!

Use this opportunity to put your marketing prowess and network to the test. If you’re competitive by nature, now is the time to let it shine. Each referral you bring in improves your chances, so start today! Promote TronNRG and be rewarded for your efforts!

This June could be your time to conquer the leaderboard and win the ultimate prize. So, fire up your networks, dive into the contest, and may the best affiliate win!

Don’t forget, the countdown has started, and a cool 1,000 TRX bonus is waiting for the top referrer! Let’s make June a month of triumph with the TronNRG June Challenge.

Join us now, embrace the competition, and gear up for an unforgettable reward!

Be sure to check the leaderboard within the affiliate dashboard

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I have my referral Code already.
Let me Flaunt it all over my social media.

Good moves For NRG

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Please, explain …by Tron volume for us .

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Basically, its a competition, the person with the most referrals wins. There is a new leaderboard within the NRG affiliate dashboard where you can check your progress.