ZEXE | Orderbook DEX with on-chain spot and futures market

Project Name: zexe
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Coinster
Team Member(s): @Prasad @mubashirzebi @hi_manshu
DevPost URL: zexe | Devpost

Project Goal:
zexe protocol is an on-chain trading protocol that supports decentralized limit order books, margin and futures trading, perpetuals, and options calls.
We aims to provide a better alternative to centralized exchanges, which risks become insolvent, being hacked, losing all of user funds. It’s designed with the vision of providing complete onchain transparency for users :eyes:

Project Info:
zexe protocol will be composable, meaning that it can be used as core functionality such as the following:

  • Spot Trading: Users can add market and limit orders with stop loss, generate automated trading bots, and much more

  • Margin Trading: It is a way to trade with borrowed funds from a margin lender, so you can go long or short on cryptocurrencies without having to invest your bitcoins or ethers all at once. You just need to deposit some cryptocurrency into your margin contract first in order to start trading!

  • Futures: These are financial contracts to buy or sell assets at a specified price at a future date. Futures allow investors to profit from price movements by locking in rates today before the asset’s value changes tomorrow (or even after).

  • Perpetuals are a type of derivative in which the payoff is determined by reference to an underlying asset rather than being paid or delivered outright. For example, if you buy a perpetual swap contract for $1 million face value of Apple stock that settles in three years, then at that point you will either receive $1 million worth of Apple stock (if the contract is in-the-money) or nothing (if it’s out-of-the-money).

  • Options: These are financial contracts that give the buyer the right (but not obligation) to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price on or before a set date. Options trading allows investors to profit from price movements by locking in rates today before the asset’s value changes tomorrow (or even after)

  • why?

Main drawback with current DEXes is insufficient liquidity :exclamation: Liquidity Providers need to provide liquidity to liquidity pools, which has risk of impermanent losses. This is critical for assets that are volatile

Project Website: zexe.io

Project Details:

With on-chain limit order book, users can place limit and markets orders with stop loss. The platform also provides advanced trading tools and live charts

zexe is lightening fast :zap: and gas efficient :fuelpump:

Zexe provides most efficient and fast trading by allowing for users to sign orders back and forth with each other off-chain before committing them permanently on-chain. This means that trades are lightning fast, as they are not limited by the speed of a single blockchain transaction. Furthermore, zexe provides complete onchain transparency for all users, since the protocol allows traders to see who signed what order at any point in time.

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Sign in using your TronLink wallet at https://zexe.io/trade and switch to Nile Testnet

  2. Get some Tron NILE Testnet TRX tokens from the faucet (BTTC Faucet).

  3. Follow the tutorial (zexe: advanced trading platform on TRON - YouTube) to get started

Contract Address: Here

System: TEUpLPeovn68KFeNpSqGmLBU4BfGAgufWV
Vault: TRDs6u17ACqoQXi1BTxWTWGBnZwDB7x4nN
Exchange: TQ32dozWeUuXYN8amYJhSGqJJpSU8oR6YV

Project Milestones:
Smart contract development
Indexer API development
Frontend development
UI UX development


  1. Github

2. Twitter

  1. Whitepaper

On which criterias are you going to list tokens?


anyone should be able to create token pairs


Don’t you scare that some people list their ponzi/rug tokens and that it might have a bad impact on your platform’s image? Everyone is responsible for his/her own financial decisions. But lot of people fail to assume their responsibilities and prefer to attack platforms reputation instead.
Is there a way to filter listings?


That’s a great point! We would be creating a token-list based on the asset’s trading volume and reputation to filter pairs shown to retail on our trading page. I suppose we could also show asset details with other risk parameters with each pair. We could also have a verification process for assets that are being newly listed


Can give a blue-tick to verified assets (based on the project’s activity, usecase, existing products,…) :+1:


very nice details, very nice graphics


Thank you @ValentinoLau

Thank you @fabsltsa for the suggestion


Great suggestions @fabsltsa and @Prasad


Greetings Prasad! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Test Instructions
Contract Address

Keep the good idea coming


Anyone should be able to create trust wallet and make use of it. I mean it’s eligible

I don’t understand how your comment is related to mine :man_shrugging:

interesting project. not my favorite but interesting!

it is important to prevent scam coins from listing& trading :+1:

That is right @AliOrhan @YungCee

Nice project team, I hope the platform will support demo account for we novice traders to learn before trading with real currency :blush:

“users to sign orders back and forth with each other off-chain before committing them permanently on-chain.” are you relying on a third party solution to get this implementation or how are you intending to do it?