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Yes, I have found your article on the whole issue and I have commented on it too, tagging some relevant accounts to investigate the matter and ensure that the right thing is done


Thank you for bringing this to the attention of everyone here :pray:


@Prince-Onscolo @Youngyuppie @maaz @Kojopapo

this project if I can see is same as Cloak | TronCloak | Buidls | DoraHacks and sumbitted by maaz only

@maaz you have changed your name for submitting to the hackathon from MrX to 0xMazz and preaching me about integrity


  1. Forus is compatible with all evm chains and cloak is for tronchain and we started these both as young startup together you can check the dates there as well and the main part is this we didnt copy the projects from anywhere the whole idea and hardwork is ours if you think we had copied the project like u did of hazed.io then send us proof. If we integrate some chains in our product and then submit to that specific hackathon for funding then its might be ok plus both grants are already [https://twitter.com/The_Forus] our and (https://twitter.com/The_Forus)verified plus been funded by many investors.You know whats not legal making copies of someone’s project and submits it to every hackathon with different names that you already doing and getting disqualified

Here we are not changing the names of a project like you did by copying it from somewhere ,But here are taking two projects together one for tronchain and other for evm chains! Hope this clears @mysticShub

But don’t you think you are doing the same thing as https://hazed.io/ just on different chains

Also if you change few things in TronCloak it will become Forus

You can check the code, ui etc and tell me what things are same of forus and hazed!..
stop being rude and nerd!:joy:

TronCloak and Forus I am talking about

Please I have this question?.

  1. Did you have any form of collobaortion and disagreement with @mysticShub ?

Man just realized its not up to date anymore, so this project is disqualified now? anyone has an idea? since they haven’t replied yet

and how do we make them eliminated? TRON has their own team to determine them maybe?

I think the @admin.hackathon will look through all the allegations leveled against @mysticShub by @maaz and see if its worth disqualifying the project due to copyright infringements.

But as @mysticShub raised, he has made changes and modified the codes to suit the $btt chain.
And even compared Pancakeswap to Uniswap.

The rest of the argument rests upon the admins to make the final decisions.
@StevenTRON, @EMerchant, please look into this and lets know the way forward.


In which way using a stealth address is different from simply creating a new wallet to receive the funds? The new wallet will not be linked in any way to the “main” user wallet.

The copyright isn’t the only reason here that could get them disqualified. Let’s see what changes will be operated within the 3 next weeks.

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its not copyright infringements dude . you should read that my latest post too!! in which i mentioned all the things

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My issue is are they allegations or factual

factual … i have given all the proofs and that guy has made all his repos private!

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Then this makes me understand why he is not longer active in this thread again.

He used to be very active and answers almost all questions. But recently he has been missing without a trace.

If they are factual then i think @admin.hackathon, @WindsOfChange92, @EMerchant, @StevenTRON and all those who are responsible for disqualifying a project should do the needful.

Thanks for calling him out. We need more of you people here. Keep it up