A big campaign for 'Lawyer's in Türkiye

“We celebrate Lawyers’ Day to lawyers who strive to make the law superior and who are in favor of rights and justice.”

Today is 5th of April, and it is a day for ‘Lawyer’s Day’.

Every 5th of April, in Türkiye we celebrate this day.

We did a perfect campaign for Lawyer’s until 30th of April. They are offered a 40% discount if they onboard to web3 ‘Decentralized IT Services Platform’ and create a Service Request or sign a service contract with our platform onbehalf of their IT Services.

Why is it important for Tron ecosystem?
Because the onboarding, ticketing, smart-contract calls, service contracts signage and token transactions will happen on #TRON.

For more details (Turkish): 2024 AVUKATLAR GÜNÜ KAMPANYASI


Happy lawyers day to all the Turkish


Happy lawyer’s day to our Turkish brothers


1 week passed anyway Happy lawyers day to all Turkish mates

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