A new Month of New change to the Tron Ecosystem

It’s a new month
It’s the month June
We are now in the middle Year already
I believe it’s a new milestones for the Projects winner’s of the Last concluded Hackathon
I hope by now all projects must Have been running on Mainnet? If not what is holding your project to be on Mainnet? Are you experiencing any difficulties or challenges to be on the Mainnet? Would you like to be given more time space to make it happen?
I believe every problem has a remedy, to summarize it all, I think some projects needs a little time space to make it happen to Mainnet so if it would be possible let there be a little grace period for them to meet up @admin.hackathon @StevenTRON ,for all the community members I would like everyone to voice his mind

I don’t want any project to be deprived an opportunity on Tron ecosystem, I can’t wait to see them hit the ecosystem :fire:

Happy new month to you all once, wish you all a blissful New month :heart::pray:


Happy New month Buddy
All the best, June is looking June.

All the best to Project owners

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Feliz mes de junio.
Esperando ver todos que todos los proyectos han conseguido sus logros.
Suerte a todos.

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My boss happy new month.
Please the month has ended.
Waiting for my salary

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Oh! I see you are waiting for your salary sir, please :pleading_face: remember your boy anytime it drops :pray:

you hold $shit right :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
you want to become $shithead just like me

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Didn’t hold any $Shit at the moment, maybe later

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